Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 11

Exploring Truth

Clearing the Way to Strengthen Belief

The Nehal, The Pleiadians, The Magdalena Collective

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

An opening message from The Nehal

“We come forth now to guide the way for humans continuing their soul journey as collective beings of Light. We are One with the light that you are beginning to integrate universally. We are made up of many who are elementally and physically One with your earth. We have incarnated upon your earth as great teachers and philosophers, exploring and understanding the universal connection to this planet. We come as interdimensional, planetary bridges to the universal Akashic field. We understand truth as something far more expansive than a singular definition or measurement. We utilize the Akashic field as a stepping stone to understanding universal truths but have also utilized our time on the earth as wisdom keepers, balancing human understanding with what the higher self and collective oversoul is able to perceive. We are 12th Dimensional in nature and integrate our light bodies with your water bodies, soils and skies. We are everywhere in space and function as a One collective embodiment through the scattering of our essence into many dimensional planes of existence. Many of us lived at a time on your planet when universal knowledge was openly shared. Much of what we uncovered and were initiated in has been hidden from humanity. We return because your consciousness has now reached a level of ease with our message. And it is our pleasure to be of service in the continued evolution of your planet and race to gain universal knowledge.”

Awakening to Truth

Becoming an enlightened being does not mean that one has achieved a full understanding of all universal truths. An enlightened being allows truth to be a constant unfolding and melding of his own awareness. Part of the process of human awakening has been riddled with egoic perceptions of a one truth that exists and must be validated. This one perceived truth holds the key to continued expansion and will enable humans to progress even further through space and time.

When awakening occurs, multiple perceptions are considered. The realization that multiple perceptions exist is a conscious technology to bridge your planetary experience with the universe. Imagine for a moment that the potential for multiple truths exists in the universe and that you are free beyond any measurement or validation to craft and hold your own perception; that your perception may change to suit your new ideals, beliefs, delights and experiences. Feel the freedom in this thought and the letdown of walls you have put up to your validating your truths to others.

When too much information leads to self-degradation…

Now think about the all-encompassing struggle you are currently immersed in around truth – truth about your government, universe, creation, religion, past and future… even diet and exercise, relationships and your family origins. When you are faced with the ideal of one truth, you are set up to constantly resist that which others believe; as well as resist your own beliefs because many of them have become very difficult to validate.

In an age of super information, your planet and daily life has become inundated with messages from humans sharing a new found truth. What if we told you that the one basic premise of truth outside of the self has become the most significant factor holding your earth back from freedom, sovereignty?

We are here to show you just how prevalent this issue has become, how to work with the concept of truth from a universal perspective, and how to constantly recalibrate your energy to what your higher self already knows is an ever-evolving experience of truth.

You are not here to create your experience around an existing truth. You are here to experience and consider many truths on your path to higher consciousness, choosing for yourself what is in resonance with your heart and soul, best accommodating a non-physical plan already set in motion lifetimes ago.

As lessons unfold on this journey with us, you will:

  • Clear energetic blocks around truths that your ego believes it must prove.
  • Access the truth that your soul craves to continually expand. 
  • Shift patterns or stagnation you may have created on the eternal quest for truth. 
  • Open your heart and mind to becoming a participant in the creation of universal truth.
  • Develop confidence in your own personal discernment, as well as allowance for all humans to discern for themselves. 
  • Free energetic currency now available to relish in and continually uncover your own truth as you live in harmony with universal law.

Item 1 – Introductory Video

In this introductory video, you will connect with the Nehal, Pleiadian and Magdalena Collectives as they walk you through several keycode activations to prepare for the course material. The Nehal give us an understanding of who they are and help us vision a more collective perspective of the universal Akashic field. As we work into our physical perceptions, we are gently guided to let go of the understanding that truth must be taught or validated outside of our human self.

Item 2: Five Channeled Transmissions from the Nehal, Pleiadian and Magadalena Collectives

Video classes are offered via Micheila’s website for viewing. You will receive a log in and password via email if you are new to Micheila’s programs with instructions to access this material. 

Class 1 | Universal Truths

Uncovering the Secrets of Creation and Interconnection

At the cellular level, your first connection to information is non-physical. You begin to sense and prepare well before new Akashic information is available and integrated on your planet. Many intense planetary alignments have been the impetus for the continued expansion of your Akashic library. Your DNA also holds volumes of information chosen by your soul to assist in the continued expansion of the universe. Our first transmission sets the tone for how immense volumes of universal knowledge are categorized and find themselves in your human awareness; how to sift through and utilize the most succinct categories of information for your soul’s evolution; and how universal truths continue to evolve and show themselves to you on the earth.

Class 2 | Spiritual Truths

Adapting Natural Processes for Soul Expansion

There are so many incredible teachings and practices to enhance your soul journey; many of which have been left behind by Ascended Masters, yogis, and enlightened ones who walked the earth incarnate. Others are emerging today through new teachers and healers acting as conduits to awaken humanity. With so many spiritual teachings and truths to consider, how can one be assured that they are choosing the best practices? In this transmission, we explore discernment of spiritual truths; how to decide between volumes of valuable information best suited for the present moment; how to create your own toolbox of spiritual knowledge; and how to bring in the most aligned guidance from beyond the physical realm. Our intention is help you recognize a myriad of vibrational signals that guide you in creating a fulfilled and joyful life.

Class 3 | Physical Truths

Choosing the Best Practices for Physical Health and Wellbeing

As humans integrate more light, physical requirements continue to change and evolve. There cannot be one all-encompassing physical truth that suits an ever-evolving, vibrating group of beings, all at unique time-stamps in their personal evolution. Yet your society continues to argue over the best approaches to physical health. We come to help you remember that your physical material is a consciousness, calling forth from the natural environment exactly what is needed as it breathes, vibrates and changes form. Through this transmission, you will cultivate a dialog with your physical body and the earth, helping to purge information that is no longer valid and replace it with higher vibrational processes to achieve overall wellbeing. You will cultivate a personal definition of physical health and gently uncover discordant information in the body, recognizing the truth it is communicating to you.

Class 4 | Unified Truths

When Planetary Perceptions Collide

At this time of human evolution, the resistance you hold to another’s beliefs is an energetic disruption of the incredible planetary awakening that is already underway. We come to explain the concept of unified truths and how they interact with collective consciousness to manifest events. How you interact with this unified field is critical to the timeline shift on your planet and how you continue to experience your singular and collective reality. In this transmission, we intend to address unified truths from singular and collective perspectives, so that you understand not only how to cultivate and manifest peace, but also achieve collective harmony enabling sovereignty to return to your planet.

Class 5 | Final Activation 

Attuning the Energy Field to Truth

In this final activation, the collectives will walk you through a series of meditations and activations designed to release programming and resistance to personal, collective and universal truths. The purpose of this gathering is to clear and the open energetic space to form new beliefs not reliant on physical validation, but the concepts integrated in these transmissions. Expect to feel a new sense of freedom in your decisions, actions and continued exploration of truths, as well as a new flow of information best suited to your current transition.

Item 3: 2 Hour Closing Message and Q&A

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is offered to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. There are also many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to the course material. All activations and processes are vibrational in nature and just as strong on the recordings as in live sessions.

Item 4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle 11 Community

Take the collective energy of this course online as you receive support from others in the class, as well as direct interaction with Micheila in this private, exclusive Facebook group for those in the Lightworker Inner Circle 11 program. Post your questions and share experiences to gain insight and support on your journey. Micheila posts channeled guidance and answers questions on the group page daily. If you are on social media, this is one of the most beneficial aspects of Micheila’s programs, connecting you with a new cosmic family of like-minded, conscious souls who are ready and willing to walk with you in spirit.

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