Intuitive Channel

Channeled Workshops

Become part of a collective consciousness in these intimate gatherings with spirit that are uniquely curated to support humanity’s transition into higher dimensions. Micheila’s channeled workshops are a more compressed and intensified version of her course transmissions. These high vibrational immersions are offered live, but you can choose to dive into the recordings anytime you feel called to create a personal retreat. Each workshop includes a mix of conscious and trance channeling, meditations, activations and light-coded transmissions. These quantum channelings through the Guides purposely rearrange themselves to meet your soul’s most prominent themes every time you interact with them. Vibrational tools and lifestyle changes are offered to integrate the course lessons into your day-to-day reality. To be alerted of new live workshop offerings, sign up for Micheila’s email list or follow her social media accounts.

Peace Keepers | Calming a Chaotic World

A Two Day Workshop through the Sisterhood of the Rose

Deep within you is a prophesy waiting to be fulfilled that has nothing to do with your accomplishments in the world. You are here to usher in an Age of Peace. To understand your contribution to this mission, you must only observe the chaotic nature of your soul’s most prominent patterns.

Cost: $97

God Consciousness | Exploring Enlightenment

A Two-Day Workshop with Mary Magdalene

Throughout its incarnations, a soul’s desire to achieve enlightenment will carry it down a great many paths. But is there an end goal? Can enlightenment be distilled to one moment or one lifetime? Is it linear and measurable or fractional and aloof? Do a soul’s achievements follow it through every incarnation? Join Micheila for a channeled discourse and teaching on the true meaning of enlightenment. This workshop includes 6 hours of live channeling, meditations and Q&A through Mary Magdalene, as well as life time access to the replays.

Cost: $97

Homecoming | Renewing Your Relationship with Source

A Two-Day Workshop with Divine Mother

Your soul arrived on Earth in loving kinship with the Source field; an intimate relationship developed through lifetimes of co-creation. This union is never severed, as you are each guiding each other to fulfill your personal destiny. But sometimes, we get stuck mowing the barren grounds of our heart’s unfulfilled desires. When we are calculating what is wrong with our life, we lack the insight to know what the soil and sun are nourishing. New seeds are constantly being sowed and the Source field sits in anxious anticipation of what will blossom next. Manifestation is your birthright. You must only find your way back to coherence with the Source field. Join Micheila for a 6-hour channeled immersion and discourse through Divine Mother to reunite you with the Source field. You will become part of a collective consciousness in this special transmission that is designed to help you remember a familiar place where infinite possibility lies and a meticulously crafted legacy known as your soul’s Divine plan awaits.

Cost: $97

The Turning Point | A Discourse in Planetary Change

A Two Day Workshop with the Council of Light

We are entering a new milestone in human awakening. When there is this much creative energy colliding, we can be assured of massive, accelerated change in our physical reality. This isn’t easy to manage when what we relied on before is disintegrating to make space for the new; but excitement is building for what has long been prophesized as ‘the New Earth’. Join Micheila for a 6-hour immersion and discourse on what the Guides call, ‘The Turning Point’, in human evolution. You will become part of a collective consciousness in this special transmission that is designed to help you maneuver the many transitions we are walking today.

Cost: $97

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