Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle Channeled Course Series

Micheila offers a series of courses that are facilitated through channeled guidance. These courses offer a unique vibration, initiating a process that will clear programming, resolve karma, and flood the DNA with new information, allowing you to remember your soul’s true path and manifest in line with your highest purpose. The energy of the consciousness that is speaking through Micheila is made specific to the needs of the listening audience. As a part of this audience and with the assistance of your Guides, the message becomes custom suited to you, with the purpose of healing and raising your vibration and addressing your energetic needs. Once you place your intention to initiate a class, you connect with and raise your vibration to the consciousness that is present. You continue to hold that vibration throughout the program and beyond and the effect on your energy field is cumulative and permanent. There is ‘homework’ to integrate lessons with your day to day experience, activations to raise your frequency and meditations and practices each week that will help you align your energy. As you work with this vibrational tool, you will begin to access your soul’s unique imprint, as you rise above the timelines you created that no longer serve you and assemble the pieces of the puzzle you have been waiting to understand.

Lightworker Inner Circle 27
The Divine Template, Your Genetic Birthright

Channeled through the Seeder Collective

Humanity has the potential to become whatever it desires within the container of a material embodiment. To qualify this statement, all you must do is remember who you are. Your soul remembers that material is light vibrating at a chosen speed. Light is information and the spotlight on a cosmic encyclopedia is brightening. The spiral of time finds its way into DNA filaments, perfectly tuned to an infinite, universal song. A brilliant cosmic beam intersects with sonic waves that hold memory and await a soul’s interaction. This steam of light is a reflection of all that it has become throughout space and time. It is conscious and organized into sentient and physical patterns that you now hold. Your Divine Template is the artistry of creation from the beginning of time. Yet, humanity has only been operating in a small fraction of its full DNA potential, running old programs on repeat. You are now on the cusp of recreating your physical lives and collective structures. You are on the precipice of blossoming into a quantum expression of your true Divine blueprint, moving beyond genetic expressions that keep you from ascending. Join Micheila and the Guides to explore the origins and activation of your Divine Template. You will learn what a DNA pattern is, where it comes from and how it is changed; understand the significance of personal choice and emotional response in the realm of DNA activation; identify the assignments of your carbon and crystalline DNA; activate the dormant DNA strands that are most helpful to your present moment reality; gain insight into how to work with the DNA to course correct anything you are struggling with today; and, walk away with meditative processes and tools to help you raise the vibration and dimension of problematic personal and collective patterns.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 26
The Source Within You, A Quantum Legacy

Channeled through the The Nehal, Pleiadians and the Ascended Masters

The universe knows no bounds other than the creative legacy that precedes it. Your soul is an infinite participant in universal creation, choosing to focus on material reality in slower speed of vibration. This incarnate choice is a gift revered amongst all cosmic families; yet humanity has become disenchanted with physical life. The perceived inability to manifest has led to a loss of faith and worthiness within the masses. Even awakening has spawned more cynicism, as it has become easier to clearly see the forces that are working against you. Yet, if we believe we must struggle in our pursuit of prosperity, we will never realize a kinship with Source energy developed through many lifetimes. There is no secret practice required to direct the flow of Source energy. A constant stream of Source runs through your soul like a brilliant ray, illuminating the darkness. Join Micheila and the Guides to explore the Source within you. These teachings will relay modern-day translations of manifestation, Source energy and the Universal Law of Attraction. You will develop a fondness for a relationship you have built with Source from the very beginning of time; adopt simple concepts and understandings of how the Source field works through you and others; learn the importance of restoring unity consciousness on planet Earth and the ease through which it can be accomplished; release false programming that causes suffering and confusion around your relationship with Source and manifesting the life of your dreams; and, open your mind to how the Source field has been working for you throughout this incarnation, enhancing your sense of self, purpose and belonging.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 25
The Path of a Master, Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

Channeled through the Ascended Masters

On a soul’s infinite journey through the cosmos, it has prepared a path so meticulous and thoughtful that it is bound to leave a legacy. To have come from oneness and into separation gives each soul the opportunity to reclaim its Heavenly perspective through a new identity, location and life experience. But to remember what it once was, a soul chooses to explore what it has yet to become. Those considered Masters were endowed with these titles to reflect their energetic power and reach. They were taught to channel the Divine into miraculous manifestations decorated with quantum possibility. While they each possessed distinct assignments and rare abilities, there are common attributes and training that account for their prominent place in history. A Master assumes that he is no less in prominence or denomination than God; having the power to lift the vibration of an entire planet through his own actions. To have such tremendous influence over entire civilizations, a Master must intimately know himself. The Ascended Masters are a part of your own DNA lineage. It is more important now than ever to face the challenges of Earth’s trajectory with the courage and energetic influence of the Master within you. Join Micheila and the Guides to explore the Path of a Master. These teachings will relay modern-day translations of Universal Law and provide insights into how the Masters you have come to know and love were trained by those who went before them. You will apply mystery school teachings to modern day experiences; receive direct guidance from the Ascended Masters to support you during the Earth’s transition to the fifth dimension; and, practice in the meditative techniques of the Masters, activating the history and wisdom most applicable to your soul’s story.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 24
Soul Contracts, A Path of Eternal Love

The Ascended Masters, Pleiadians and Mary Magdalene

You are entangled in a massive web of consciousness beyond what you know. Your soul chose this life from millions of planets and alternate universes to become part of a collective consciousness revered from afar. Imagine yourself writing a story that would play out in succession with those you had met long ago. While some of these souls were known in lifetimes before, others were Angels and intergalactic beings just as curious about the Earth as you. These contracts are made from a state of connection and through conscious agreement. They hold us responsible to certain lessons and sharing wisdom with those we may know for an entire lifetime or only a brief moment. We have even signed contracts with souls that we will never meet in person, holding a sacred relationship that is vibrational in nature. Yet, these soul stories have become some of the most difficult to read and rewrite. Humans are working through some of the most karmic threads of relationship energy to strengthen human bonds and repair what those who have gone before them destroyed. To become a better version of yourself, it is inevitable that you will encounter beings who challenge the depths of your own karmic journey, because your soul is accountable to a higher plan that all are entangled within. To know this is one thing, but to walk through it is quite another. Take a journey with Micheila and the Guides through the complexity, wonder and importance of your contracts and realize just how perfectly they have been orchestrated for your soul’s purpose and evolution. You will learn what soul contracts are and how they are made; if contracts have expiration dates and we are able to change the terms; when and where our soul partners exist, how they come into being and whether we are meant to change one another; and, how to make peace with your past, present and future relationships.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 23
The Soul’s Journey, A Love Story with the Universe

The Ascended Master Collective

When a soul sets off on a journey anywhere in the cosmos, it is filled with excitement and anticipation of its impending experience. Existing as love in a state of oneness, it already understands the profound impact its imminent incarnate decision has made on all universal beings. Through the grace of its first inhale and exhale, a soul empties the record within an eternal vessel to make space for the memory of what it will exuberantly create. On Earth, this requires letting go of the relationship to what it was before and sitting in active contemplation of what it might become beyond any historic account of its incarnations elsewhere. To love despite its return is a common thread woven through each human soul’s incarnation requests. You are learning what love is, how it can be expressed and the many forms it will take; a contribution to a universal legacy and definition of love intended to expand the entire universe. Join Micheila and the Guides for a channeled immersion that will help you remember your reason for incarnating at this pretentious time on planet Earth. This transmission translates an elaborate tradition of breathing life into a small corner of the universe for the purpose of initiating a deeper connection to it each day. You will clearly understand the process of incarnation and transition, including what a soul experiences as it moves between physicality and light; realize how karma and incarnate journeys elsewhere are affecting this one; receive detailed information about creation, free-will and how a soul interfaces with its many collective decisions prior to coming to Earth; and, open your mind and heart to the true path of love you have chosen, including its earthly mechanics and themes.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 22
The Secret Code, Ancient Rituals for Health & Longevity

The Council of Athena

Gaia’s core was born of a magnificent collision of highly potent, cosmic elements spiraling into themselves. The orgasmic fusion of a human body is no less miraculous! The physical body is one of the most revered experiential containers that souls throughout the universe request; but in today’s modern world, the body carries a heavy karmic load. Souls in this timeline have volunteered to take on a dense karmic legacy of bodily neglect, while also navigating a complex collective hologram. Transparency is leading to more confusion at a time when physical healing is becoming a top priority. With so many options to consider, how do you know which path to choose? And how do you account for the unseen layers of programming that stand in the way of manifesting a healthy body? Changing the course of decades of bodily disease and degradation may seem overwhelming, but it is a necessary step forward in human evolution. Your readiness to transform the deepest layers of physical energy is evidence of your high level of spiritual attainment and mastery. Living in alignment with form is an eternal process of infinite conception through which a soul revisits multiple lifetimes within its current reality. If this is the case, we must consider that a library of longevity protocols exists within each and every one of you; but these volumes of history are not bound by the same cover. You are in the driver’s seat of a beautiful journey through which the exploration of physical form can lead to Heaven on Earth. Join Micheila and the Guides for a channeled immersion into ancient rituals for health and longevity and unlock the secret code of physical enlightenment.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 21
Your Galactic Lineage, Walking Between Worlds

Through the Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians, the Council of Light and others

A human soul is more than it sees in the mirror. It is legendary and timeless. Your soul has lived in locations throughout the galactic universe and has taken all of the experiences with it into form. While this seems interesting, how is it helpful on the Earth? To know of our galactic lineage is one thing, but to put it to good use is another. To better understand how light and form merge, we must go back to humanity’s origins and learn the true meaning of creation. Unless we have a foundation for how the human structure is meant to create, we cannot allow newly discovered soul aspects to merge and blend, offering us valuable information in this lifetime that comes from others. Each soul is already in possession of knowledge and tools from its galactic past, but they may not be fully recognized or trusted. In fact, exploring our cosmic lineage can cause more confusion, at times. We may even begin to judge our decision to come to Earth and how it ranks in comparison to other dimensions. You are not meant to distinguish the difference between yourself on Earth and other planets, but allow a perfect and effortless blending that accentuates this lifetime. Uncovering your galactic lineage is easier than you might imagine. It begins to arrive in bits and pieces and will carry you on a journey of becoming a higher version of yourself. Join Micheila, Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians and the Council of Light for a channeled journey to uncover and integrate your galactic lineage. These channeled transmissions are curated through a mix of story-telling, teachings, activations and meditative practices.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 20
Mastering Your Karmic Destiny, Redefining your Soul’s True Purpose

Through Mary Magdalene

Karma, while translated through many Masters and cultures, is merely a path. It is the reclusion of a soul’s choice that most becomes revisited in each incarnation. We may believe that we have no choice or are relegated to making choices alone, but this is what creates the greatest amount of suffering. We are here not to obliterate karma, but to eliminate suffering. To eliminate suffering, we must come to terms with the idea that all circumstances we encounter have a higher purpose. While this concept has become the discussion of spiritual process and philosophy, its deeper meaning is rooted in faith. What we believe about our soul’s purpose in life becomes the foundation upon which creative energy flows. Karma has less to do with suffering and more to do with perception. How we intend to live in the body we have chosen, how we go about relating to the souls we encounter and how we see ourselves within our life experiences are the most important considerations. Mastering your karmic destiny is a moment-by-moment choice; a complex relationship to energy that must be simplified and cultivated within. Join Micheila, Mary Magdalene and many of the Masters in her lineage for a channeled journey into karmic energy and suffering. This channeling includes potent activations and clearings using the kundalini breath that many in the Inner Circle have learned in past courses.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 19
Prosperity, A New World View on Abundance

Lakshmi, The Nehal, Isis, Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians and others

A human soul embodies on Earth with all that it needs to accomplish its goals. Yet, a chronic gap and disconnection from Source has continued to widen. When a divide this significant exists within any race, it leaves a soul weak and vulnerable to outside influence. It may be led to believe its power and value lie elsewhere. Prosperity is not finite or measureable. There is no limited pool of resource that you are drawing from. To be prosperous is to exist as if there is no separation between you and Source energy. An embodied soul is already whole and complete, but on a journey to experience this wholeness through a reflection of itself in the material world. Join Micheila and the Guides for a deep dive into the Akashic Records and the teachings of multiple Masters. How they were instructed to activate the frequency of abundance must return to Earth. In these transmissions, you will hear how the ancients used vibration to map a pathway of personal and collective prosperity. You will also receive key practices and daily rituals to move you into alignment with Source; understand the Universal Law of Prosperity, how it works and its many translations; change patterns related to self-worth and abundance; gain insights into how prosperity and abundance will change in the fifth dimension; and participate in processes and meditations designed to clear a lineage of past programming related to the frequency of abundance.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 18
Life Force, The Womb of All Creation

The Magdalenas & The Great White Brotherhood

The Cosmic Womb, Mother of All Creation, exists within you. On every dimension and level of your soul’s being, life force is creating something good. The generation of this great and powerful force comes through you like a tidal wave of pure love and is guided by your higher consciousness. Listen carefully to the pulls of your soul, the subtle inklings and notions that call your attention; for when you are connected to a Source this great, creation becomes effortless and you will bear witness to the unending support you already possess. In this moment, you already possess everything that your soul needs to exist within a physical body. In today’s world, there is little understanding of the concept of implicit wholeness and completion. Life force is arranging unseen meetings and collisions with resource beyond all measure; but it only operates fully beyond all restriction. Join Michelia as she channels the Magdalenas and Great White Brotherhood to help you activate full life force. In these transmissions, you will learn the origins of universal life force and the Cosmic Womb; the true meaning of peace, how it can be accessed and what stands in the way of its consistent attainment; a complete understanding of the creative process, both physically and vibrationally; guidance and tools to affect change within your current Earth experience; and, an instruction manual for walking through life with an open heart and the willingness to surrender to a creative process that is already supporting you.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 17
Initiation, Regeneration and Magnification of Light in Physical Form

Mary Magdalene

You are more than what you have come to know in energy. To observe the workings and potential of your energy field would be a profound vision. You possess multiple layers of technologically advanced, harmonic structures that thrive in union with plasmic rays. These rays come not only from the Earth’s sun, but intergalactic light spectrums now accessible as our planet reconnects to the universal grids. A rebirthing of your entire physical and non-physical structure is available to you right now, accentuating all human life. Mary Magdalene says the time is right for us to regenerate our bodies and magnify the light within. She comes to share wisdom imparted on her long ago while in preparation for the most difficult aspects of her mission. Together we will enter a gateway that your soul already knows; a familiar part of you is ready to acknowledge its worth and readiness. We will bathe in the frequencies of Christ Consciousness, anointing bodily waters to crystallize and support our endeavors. Join Micheila and Mary Magdalene for over 8 hours of channeled transmissions including how to work with your Plasma Sun Body, reunite the inner and outer energy fields, effortlessly draw Source energy from the galactic universe, incubate a new physical template for body consciousness and Earth structure; reveal, activate and utilize a hidden Regenerative Light Source and use the Plasma Sun Body and Regenerative Light Source as a combined tool of manifestation and physical healing.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 16
The True Warrior Spirit, Intention as a Vehicle for Change

The Goddess Collective

When you believe you must fight for something, it is only because your intentions are in stark contrast to outer conditions. But to create change in the direction of your desires takes a very dedicated path and focal point. The bullseye is not found within the outer ring of the circle, but at the very center; an exact area of focus and service. The true warrior spirit is not what it has been defined as on your planet today. War mentality could never be the platform upon which peace arrives. An internal battle cry is the harmonic capture of chronic imbalances that co-create their match in the outer world. True warrior spirt is an eternal and infinite source that may become easily hidden by physical circumstances appearing stronger than its presence. To reclaim this spirit, it is important to understand that no outer condition is a match to the love and power you hold within. Conflict is only showing you the way back home, but sometimes redecorating in your inner sanctum to peace and tranquility is in order. Join Micheila and the Guides for a 5-week journey to uncover your true warrior spirit. Through these live channeled transmissions, you will receive a mix of knowledge and support combined with vibrational activations and processes designed to help you and others thrive on the planet today.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 15
Vibrational Alignment, The Realm of All Possibility

Mary Magdalene, Divine Mother, Isis and Hathor

You were born within a Source field, a universal component of your technology. This field constantly draws resources that are a perfect match to your Divine plan and collective intentions. It co-creates with others and moves energy into waves of experience that are waiting to ground to earth. This Source field is regulated through your personal will and preference and relies upon constant signaling to fulfill your soul, but could never be diminished to your desires alone. It knows why you came to the planet and what your higher self has planned, and aims to blend this perfectly with your wishes. Source takes into account every other soul incarnated at the time of your birth and beyond; and collective consciousness is a constant driving factor in manifestation and how a soul finds itself immersed within its most valuable experiences. A higher power exists within each of you as an ancient gateway to collective manifestation. Join Micheila and the Guides as you are guided through this gateway into the realm of all possibility. This course includes a mix of channeled guidance and activations designed to align your vibration and move massive amounts of dense energy to authentically synchronize with Source.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 14
Soul Alchemy, Quantum Gateways for Collective Evolution

Divine Mother, Kwan Yin, Isis, Jeremiah Collective, The Nehal and others

You are currently moving through a potent quantum gateway that significantly changes wave-particle form. You are a unique part of the universal quantum field made up of vibrating particles of light. All experiences in your world are an assembly of photonic waves interpreted through the mind and responded to in each present moment. Your human perception is like a flowing tide of wave-particles that continually crash upon the shore of your personal hologram, creating the current of your life. As the collective earth vibrates faster, each human soul is receiving an opportunity to transform its reality. But to accomplish this, you must be willing to enter quantum gateways for soul alchemy, interacting with wave patterns that exist as timeline experience. To take full advantage of this valuable time on earth, constant personal evaluation in the quantum realm is paramount. The most uncomfortable areas of your life are revealing soul fragments that are ready to alchemize, transform and release parts of your identity that no longer resonate with the whole. Join Micheila and the guides for over 8 hours of channeled guidance, activations and wisdom on quantum gateways for soul alchemy.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 13
Physical Enlightenment, Merging with Universal Energies

The Dolphin and Whale Collectives, Hathor, Divine Mother and Isis

The human body is a crystalline vessel anxiously awaiting your conscious support and direction. But it often receives mixed signals from you. What happens when these messages become skewed? And how do you straighten out a myriad of tangled timelines and ascension experiences adding to this communication? Each of you has a unique energy signature that is rapidly changing as your consciousness and vibration raises. This course explores all aspects of physical enlightenment, from the actual body consciousness itself to its energy channels and meridians and how the body is responding to a myriad of planetary and soul transitions. As you integrate these transmissions, you will fully understand your unique energy signature, harness the greatest potentials for your body in alignment with your soul’s blueprint and uncover a unique master plan for working in concert with your physical energy. This course includes over 6 hours of channeled transmissions and meditative practices that are a life time reference for revisiting physical body challenges.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 12
Embodying Freedom, Activating the God/Goddess Within

The Nehal, The Pleiadians, The Magdalena Collective, Kwan Yin

To ground a new dimensional reality, a period of chaos or reorganization ensues. Restrictive programs and old societal norms become transitioned by interacting with them in a new consciousness. The subtle ways in which you integrate these programs in your life becomes the impetus for grounding a new human reality; letting go of what was to fully embrace the new earth by creating it first in your own personal experience. At a time when an uprising of density and darkness feels overwhelmingly restrictive, you are being called to see the abundant freedom you innately possess; the freedom that you are. In this channeled course, you will explore the concept of sovereignty in ways you may not have considered, narrowing the space between your present moment reality and future desires. Through channeled transmissions and activations, you will activate the frequency of personal sovereignty in your most restrictive life experiences, transform spiritual wisdom into conscious physical action that affects your daily life and uncover your true nature which operates beyond fear of the collective hologram.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 11
Exploring Truth, Clearing the Way to Strengthen Belief

The Nehal, The Pleiadians, The Magdalena Collective

The process of enlightenment does not require a full understanding of all universal truths. Human awakening has been riddled with egoic perceptions of a one truth that exists and must be validated. This one perceived truth holds the key to continued expansion and will enable humans to progress even further through space and time. In an age of super information, your daily life has become inundated with messages from humans sharing a new found truth. You are not here to create your experience around an existing truth. You are here to experience and consider many truths on your path to higher consciousness, choosing for yourself what is in resonance with your heart and soul, best accommodating a non-physical plan already set in motion lifetimes ago. This course offers 6 vibrational transmissions designed to align you with universal, spiritual, physical and unified truths. You will develop higher confidence in your personal discernment and free up valuable energetic currency through energetic processes and activations to live in harmony with your soul’s unique perspectives and knowledge.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 10
Your Inner Relationship to the Divine, Keycodes for Living in Harmony

Teachings of Divine Mother, Mary Magdalene, and the Lemurians

Your inner relationship with the Divine sets the standard for how your human life unfolds. This inner relationship is not only your perception of the self, but the way in which you allow yourself to divinely orchestrate your life according to your wishes, desires and unique expressive creations. Many do not take the time to facilitate this kind of relationship, looking at this type of activity as self-serving and not aligned with human service. To upgrade your service to humanity, it is essential that you create an abundant, loving inner relationship, without restrictions or barriers to happiness and without stifling your access to the bountiful human life you came to experience. Although many of you may know this at a surface level, the ability to truly orchestrate a relationship with the Divine may seem foreign to you. This course is intended to reacquaint you with the beauty of your soul’s journey and the process of manifestation. Six keycodes are offered to awaken your creative energy, align with peace and bring simple understanding to human creation.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 9
Mentoring with the Higher Self, Activating Collective Energy for Manifestation

A channeled course with the Master Collective Unity of Light

The planet is now assisting humanity to activate the star gates of the higher self. It is critical that you understand the value in this wonderful component of your vibrational technology because it not only expands your personal journey, but also that of the human collective. The goal of this channeled course is to help you recognize and utilize the higher self as your own personal navigation system, guide or master teacher; as well as integrate it with the mind and emotional body such that there are no limitations or barriers to creating in alignment with your highest potential. In this course, you will mentor with Quan Yin, Archangels Michael, Metratron and Gabriel and the Orion Council of Light. These loving beings make up The Master Collective Unity of Light, assembling specifically for this vibrational interaction. As you receive communication from these Master Teachers, you will be initiating and activating communication with your own higher self, with modules focused on soul communication, healing, manifestation and creation. This course includes over 6 hours of channeled messages, processes and activations designed to re-install the higher self as a valuable tool to support your linear and collective experience.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 8
Changing of the Tide, Architects of a New Humanity

Teachings of Mary Magdalene, Ra and the Pleiadians

A new genetic code within Gaia has been activated. This code is a part of her genetic structure, as it is a part of your own. Within you lies the hero or heroine of this great time of transition. The light within you is now activated to allow Source Consciousness to beam forth into the collective. This light is the rebirth of your soul, humanity and your mother earth planet. Within each one of you, the Christ timeline appears. It may seem as if your walk of life is insignificant in comparison to this great Master Teacher. Yet the Master Teacher is also within you. If this is true, how is it that you are not here now, in this wondrous time of rebirth, to allow the Christed energy within you to shine forward? Human beings embodied in Christed energy hold a new frequency for creation. This frequency is not singular, but collective in its vibration. This new genetic code allows the union of all beings in their Christed energy to create a new Heaven on Earth through Source Consciousness. As many on your planet begin to realize this incredible opportunity to rebirth humanity, some will still become stifled by their beliefs and limited self-awareness, as well as the connection to mass consciousness and resistance to the creative process.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 7
Dropping the Anchors, Activating your Inner Creator

Teachings of the Pleaidans, Mary Magdalene, and many others

Beneath all of the layers of energy that make up your physical experience lie deep intersections with concepts of limitation and of linear living. These concepts of singular creation and perception, although they are ready to shift, cause so much resistance. It takes a strong faith and trust in the unknown to hold the frequency necessary to create a fulfilled life! Your consciousness has shifted to assist you. But are you ready also modify the constructs of your reality that are no longer serving your evolution? Anchors are those aspects of your reality that have held you in a singular experience. These anchors are some of the most prominent manifestations through time that have held you in a singular body and physical experience – constructs of time, duality, identity and physicality. You will explore these anchors one by one, releasing them first from your energy body and then from your creative process. As each anchor is let go, it allows you to form a new anchor, one that is more to your liking and allows you to live beyond linear time. This vibrational course is focused on processes, activations and interactions with Light Beings here to support the healing of your DNA and amplify your creative process.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 6
Arcing Through a Linear Timeline

Teachings of the 8th Dimensional Arcturian Collective

Is our collective reality truly a hologram? If so, how does it work? And how does your structure align with universal energies to result in a higher dimensional experience? This course is a teaching of this interconnectedness, not just for the planet’s rebirth, but for your own. The Arcturians come to lift the veil on what is happening on the earth and how you can best operate during these transitional times. These teachings will activate your lightbody and magnetic field through very powerful activations to attune the chakras outside of the physical body to activate galactic energies that are available through the new Hertz frequency of Mother Gaia. There is a distinct focus on quantum entangled relationships that must be realigned in your energy field to assist you in moving past stress, emotional trauma and fear relating to these soul ties. This process will open your energy field, expand your consciousness and prepare you for the live journey with the Arcturians. You can repeat the process as many times as you wish and receive unique results.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 5
Timeline Integration: Serving Yourself & Others through a New Frequency

Teachings of the Dolphin Matrix

We experience many transitions in our lives. In this course, the Dolphin Matrix delves into the difficulties you experience in these transitions between dimensions and entering a new timeline. You will receive information and tools to take into the current timelines that are most dis-pleasing to you and shift them into the new frequency that already exists in your reality. The Dolphin Matrix provides us with support to get us through integration periods in the most productive way possible, making vibrational and physical progress towards the manifestation of new timelines. You will learn how to release the resistance you have to creating anew the things you wish to manifest in this life. The course includes over 6 hours of channeled interactions with the Dolphin Matrix, in addition to a 2-hour DNA Crystalization and Activation Process to integrate the material into your physical reality.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 4
Attuning the Physical Body for Collective Energies

Teachings of the 9th Dimensional Atlantean Collective 

Join Micheila and the 9th Dimensional Atlantean Collective on a journey to attune your physical body for collective energies. This class walks us through the next phase of our transition and some intense solar and planetary alignments that are adjusting the earth frequencies, increasing our vibration and expanding our self-healing abilities. You will learn how to better communicate with the physical body as a multi-dimensional tool, how to release resistance around dense cosmic history, how to re-pattern cellular energies and how to find harmony and peace in the physical body during a time of very dense karmic release on the planet. Each of the transmissions in this program contains a specific healing code that is given through activated light frequency. Activations and codes are focused on releasing density specifically related to the healer/collective relationship and frustrations you may have anchored as imprints in your structure that have accumulated through time. This course includes over 6 hours of channeled lessons and activations, as well as 6 galactic lightcodes to integrate the material.

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 3
Discover Your Signature Imprint

Teachings of the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective 

If you are looking at your soul’s purpose as a completely different path from what you have manifested so far, look again! It’s all around you… the clues, the information, the support and the tools. But we must first integrate the soul and the higher self to perceive… and to receive… the whole picture. In this 5 week course, the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective takes you on a journey to activate your higher self, enabling you to bring together the parts of the whole, into a collective energy that reveals your signature imprint. There is a focus on the inner workings of new portals of communication as they relate to disclosure, your cosmic family and DNA connections. You will learn how to activate your internal receiver to higher communication so you better perceive, retain and understand the information you are receiving. Most important, you will begin to align the timelines you have already created with the higher dimensional, collective purpose your soul accepted in this incarnation.  

Cost: $249

Lightworker Inner Circle 2
Manifesting in the Fifth Dimension

Teachings of the 9th Dimensional Lemurian Collective 

In the 3rd Dimension, we accepted programming that resulted in resistance in the energy body. This societal programming was a filter through which we created core beliefs, imprints and a definition of the self that is not equal to who we truly are. In this 10-week channeled course, the Lemurian and Pleiadian Collectives prepare us for a new method of manifestation as we bridge the gap between the 3rd and 5th Dimensional realities. We are now holding a new frequency to manifest collectively, but the programming and imprints we hold continue to keep us blocked from this higher dimensional form of manifestation. As you work with this course, you will re-imprint these programs, clearing density and allowing you to better understand the assignment you hold and how to manifest your reality in line with service to self, humanity and the entire universal collective. This course is made up of 10 vibrational interactions with the Lemurian Collective. 

Cost: $249


Lightworker Inner Circle 1
Thriving in the Fifth Dimension

Teachings of the 9th Dimensional Lemurian Collective

In the 3rd Dimension, we had a different operating system and often a singular aspect of our energy body took the lead. We put the mental body to work without the consideration of our spiritual essence. Or, our emotional body ruled our vibration and stifled our creative energy. Our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies were meant to work in concert, harmonized and balanced for our highest good. In this channeled course, you will receive guidance and activations to Thrive in the 5th Dimension with a brand new operating system. There is also a focus on opening the heart chakra and accessing communication portals to establish solid connections to your team of Guides, Teachers and Master Beings. This course includes 10 channeled classes with vibrational practices and homework to integrate lessons. 

Cost: $249

What People are Saying about Micheila’s Lightworker Inner Circle Channeled Courses:

I have sincerely loved Micheila’s lightworker class and had a deeply moving and profound experience with the non-physical energy in the transmissions. Each week's channeling gave me strength, hope and a new tool to put in my "spiritual tool box." I had been very sorrowful for 7 years or so with personal things were occurring. I felt like I was trying to climb out of a deep hole and had no tools to use to get out. With Micheila's Pleiadians, Lemurians, Jacob and Jeramiah, I feel like I have been shown and handed tools to not only climb out of that hole but also to move forward and climb a mountain too. Or just live my life in the way that feels best not only for me, but for all of humanity too. And that's a great feeling and comfort to know that I can affect humanity just by caring for me.

– Diane, Maryland

I want you to know how profoundly life-changing these classes are for me. I have been journaling and writing down dreams which have been informing me in the very lessons of the weekly classes. I re-listen many times especially to the activations. It is all perfectly suited and aligned with what I need. Tonight was so relaxing and thoroughly beautiful I could just weep, but there are no tears, only a sense of aliveness and support. There is so much massive information in these seemingly simple channelings and yet the intention and attention to these details is a lively art. I have noticed I have an increased awareness in peripheral vision and my appreciation for what is around me, because it just feels magical, is ten-fold. This information is so timely and I am grateful to have met you in this way. Thank you and thank you again to you and the collective we are joined with.

- Anne Elizabeth, Oregon

I have loved these transmissions – it felt like divine timing. It was like my Guides, 9th Dimensional Beings and others were nearby and assisting as I walked through some important thresholds. So much gratitude. Thanks Micheila for your grace and openness.

– Jenny, Utah

As a gift to myself this last November, I purchased her package and I can tell you it is profound! The lightworker program is beautiful and profound-the messages the guides give feel so personal, it changes perceptions in the best kind of way! You feel privy to the latest and most important information available to assist on your journey. I love how it empowers you as an individual and collectively!

– Emily, California

I just wanted to write to thank you for your work channeling and creating the Lightworker Series both 1 & 2, and the Monthly program. I have found the whole experience transformational and breath-takingly beautiful. Hearing the words of the Lemurian and Pleiadian Ascension Collectives, and Jeremiah, leaves me in varying states of awe and peace. I am often found dancing around the house in anticipation of the next week's lesson. It has been a real joy and a tremendous learning experience. There is so much information out there and so many amazing people offering inspirational and transformative spiritual work, it is overwhelming for a new learner! I am so grateful the messages you channeled caught my attention, and that I signed up for your program, which has been most profound.

– Dorethy, Toronto

I am a part of your Lightworkers Inner Circle 3. It has just been fabulous to be a part of this group. The work with integrating the Ego has been both eye opening and healing on many different levels. So thank-you so much for the wonderful service you provide for us Lightworkers.

– Jason, California

Thank you so much for the blessings offered in your classes. The messages and teachings that came through were so spot on for me personally and I imagine the others who were present. My vibration is higher, my heart soring, my issues addressed, sadness lifted. You are such a beautiful channel and teacher, your work resonates with others I have worked with and I feel very grateful that the Universe and G-D has allowed us to co-create together. I look forward to what may come from other times spent with you.

-Susan, New York

Micheila I have just finished listening to the 5 classes and wanted to share my experience so far. The concept of currency used gave me exact clarity on how I had been working with belief and collective frequencies on nutrition and consuming without intention. The sonic dolphin guidance tool is REMARKABLE!! I had always used it in regard to balance with material wealth but did not imagine it was an answer for the body. To understand that consuming too much food but with a joyous intention that it may be serving another in other timelines gave me total liberation! I had so much judgement on what foods should be and the way everything was grown or designed I was never free to heal. I saw tangled frequencies gracefully untangle when I addressed the deeper physical issue and stated the fact that I was in charge as Source, and lovingly released ongoing patterns with the root of what was keeping me and it in 3D. I then saw each cord align vertically with my crystalline body.

- Debra, Colorado

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