“A holistic space of acceptance where one is honored for his/her individuality and upheld to its expansion for the benefit of all." ~The Pleiadian Collective

If you are feeling isolated right now, you are not alone. As we raise our consciousness, those who no longer match our vibration tend to fall away. We are all in the midst of a grand reorganization to reconnect with new humans who resonate with our sovereign truth. Imagine being surrounded by people who upheld you to expressing your most unique gifts and talents. How different would your life look and feel today? And how would the entire planet benefit?

As the 5th Dimension takes shape, two of the most significant aspects of our human ascension timeline are unity consciousness and community. When we explore common ideas, co-create and support each other, we are planting seeds of the new earth in our own backyards. As this ripples out to the entire collective, we anchor a new foundation for humanity.
Inner Circle Communities
An amazing thing is happening! People just like you from around the globe are coming together in their local areas to study and discuss the channeled transmissions in Micheila’s Inner Circle Programs. These highly conscious, gifted humans are exploring ways to embody the multi-dimensional tools and concepts within the channeled messages to create a more harmonious and peaceful life. Beyond integrating what the Guides and Collectives are channeling through Micheila, the social bonds that grow from these gatherings are priceless! A new cosmic family is emerging.

The Inner Circle movement grows stronger each day with new members who personify the themes brought forth in Micheila’s Inner Circle courses. As a part of one of these communities, you will not only reunite with your cosmic family on earth, but also embark on a journey of self-discovery with those on the leading edge of our movement to higher consciousness. To strengthen the bonds of those she considers the way showers of the new earth, Micheila is dedicated to serving Inner Circle Communities with extra content and support.
"embody the
multi-dimensional tools and
concepts within the
channeled messages to
create a more harmonious
and peaceful life.
Join an Inner Circle Community or Create Your Own
Looking for a community in your area? There are groups forming in person and remotely around the globe! Have a willingness to organize, but need members? This is the place to be! Simply log in below with your existing Inner Circle user name and password to start the process. If you are new to the Inner Circle, you must create a new account first. Complete the form below and watch your email for a unique user name and password that will be generated for you.

Once you are logged in, you will see an option to create your own group or join an existing one in your area. Once your community has reached 5 members, you will automatically receive access to the book reader and discover new chapters each week. This platform also includes a message board for your group to share meeting and contact information. There are more exciting features to come! Sign in below and start connecting to your Inner Circle tribe!
Exclusive Content
Inner Circle Communities get a glimpse into the manuscript of Micheila’s first book before it is published! Registered communities that reach five members or more receive new manuscript copy every week to explore, discuss and integrate. This channeled text is not only a keycode transmission that will vibrationally alter your reality, but also a multi-dimensional guide for understanding how to thrive in the 5th Dimension. It is a complex codex that merits in-depth discussion and review, well-suited to group gatherings. In addition to an exclusive dive into the manuscript, community members get the first crack at a signed collector’s edition of the final printed version before it is released to the general public, along with early access to new channeled material and many other future perks.
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