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Lightworker Inner Circle Monthly Program


Micheila’s Lightworker Inner Circle Monthly Program provides you with one exclusive channeled video each month that is not available to the general public. These videos include current information about the planetary energies, our ascension and the transition we are walking as a human consciousness. Advice is given as to how to comfortably integrate new energies, as well as processes and activations that are relevant to how the structure is adapting to changes that are taking place on the planet right now. Each month, the guides and collectives are focusing on topics that are pertinent to our ascension both collectively and singularly. You will not only take away valuable information, but also very important light coded frequencies to raise your consciousness and heal you in the process.

There are two options for joining this program, either annually or monthly. This is not an automatically renewed subscription, so you always have the choice to join again once your purchase has expired. When you join, you will receive access to the year’s archived videos.

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What People are Saying about Micheila’s Lightworker Inner Circle Channeled Courses:

I have sincerely loved Micheila’s lightworker class and had a deeply moving and profound experience with the non-physical energy in the transmissions. Each week's channeling gave me strength, hope and a new tool to put in my "spiritual tool box." I had been very sorrowful for 7 years or so with personal things were occurring. I felt like I was trying to climb out of a deep hole and had no tools to use to get out. With Micheila's Pleiadians, Lemurians, Jacob and Jeramiah, I feel like I have been shown and handed tools to not only climb out of that hole but also to move forward and climb a mountain too. Or just live my life in the way that feels best not only for me, but for all of humanity too. And that's a great feeling and comfort to know that I can affect humanity just by caring for me.

– Diane, Maryland

I want you to know how profoundly life-changing these classes are for me. I have been journaling and writing down dreams which have been informing me in the very lessons of the weekly classes. I re-listen many times especially to the activations. It is all perfectly suited and aligned with what I need. Tonight was so relaxing and thoroughly beautiful I could just weep, but there are no tears, only a sense of aliveness and support. There is so much massive information in these seemingly simple channelings and yet the intention and attention to these details is a lively art. I have noticed I have an increased awareness in peripheral vision and my appreciation for what is around me, because it just feels magical, is ten-fold. This information is so timely and I am grateful to have met you in this way. Thank you and thank you again to you and the collective we are joined with.

- Anne Elizabeth, Oregon

I have loved these transmissions – it felt like divine timing. It was like my Guides, 9th Dimensional Beings and others were nearby and assisting as I walked through some important thresholds. So much gratitude. Thanks Micheila for your grace and openness.

– Jenny, Utah

As a gift to myself this last November, I purchased her package and I can tell you it is profound! The lightworker program is beautiful and profound-the messages the guides give feel so personal, it changes perceptions in the best kind of way! You feel privy to the latest and most important information available to assist on your journey. I love how it empowers you as an individual and collectively!

– Emily, California

I just wanted to write to thank you for your work channeling and creating the Lightworker Series both 1 & 2, and the Monthly program. I have found the whole experience transformational and breath-takingly beautiful. Hearing the words of the Lemurian and Pleiadian Ascension Collectives, and Jeremiah, leaves me in varying states of awe and peace. I am often found dancing around the house in anticipation of the next week's lesson. It has been a real joy and a tremendous learning experience. There is so much information out there and so many amazing people offering inspirational and transformative spiritual work, it is overwhelming for a new learner! I am so grateful the messages you channeled caught my attention, and that I signed up for your program, which has been most profound.

– Dorethy, Toronto

I am a part of your Lightworkers Inner Circle 3. It has just been fabulous to be a part of this group. The work with integrating the Ego has been both eye opening and healing on many different levels. So thank-you so much for the wonderful service you provide for us Lightworkers.

– Jason, California

Thank you so much for the blessings offered in your classes. The messages and teachings that came through were so spot on for me personally and I imagine the others who were present. My vibration is higher, my heart soring, my issues addressed, sadness lifted. You are such a beautiful channel and teacher, your work resonates with others I have worked with and I feel very grateful that the Universe and G-D has allowed us to co-create together. I look forward to what may come from other times spent with you.

-Susan, New York

Micheila I have just finished listening to the 5 classes and wanted to share my experience so far. The concept of currency used gave me exact clarity on how I had been working with belief and collective frequencies on nutrition and consuming without intention. The sonic dolphin guidance tool is REMARKABLE!! I had always used it in regard to balance with material wealth but did not imagine it was an answer for the body. To understand that consuming too much food but with a joyous intention that it may be serving another in other timelines gave me total liberation! I had so much judgement on what foods should be and the way everything was grown or designed I was never free to heal. I saw tangled frequencies gracefully untangle when I addressed the deeper physical issue and stated the fact that I was in charge as Source, and lovingly released ongoing patterns with the root of what was keeping me and it in 3D. I then saw each cord align vertically with my crystalline body.

- Debra, Colorado

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