Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 23

The Soul’s Journey

A Love Story with the Universe

The Ascended Master Collective

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

When a soul sets off on a journey anywhere in the cosmos, it is filled with excitement and anticipation of its impending experience. Existing as love in a state of oneness, it already understands the profound impact its imminent incarnate decision has made on all universal beings. By situating itself within a separate identity, a soul is strengthening a unified connection.

Through the grace of its first inhale and exhale, a soul empties the record within an eternal vessel to make space for the memory of what it will exuberantly create. On Earth, this requires letting go of the relationship to what it was before and sitting in active contemplation of what it might become beyond any historic account of its incarnations elsewhere.

This process of forgetting causes so much pain for physical souls today as they ponder why they must suffer through an entire lifetime just to remember. This way of looking at a soul’s journey negates the reason for incarnating at all and lowers the frequency through which a delicately drawn plan comes to life.

You are not here to remember anything. Your first breath meticulously clears any remnants of past to direct precious life force and focus into a new living legacy.

This process is akin to an author staring at a blank page, but understanding the fundamentals of the book it is yet to write. A mental outline spurs a thought-provoking sentence, inviting the rest of the story to unfold. A soul, however, does not yet understand that it is both the author and the one reading its auto-biography. Actively living this perception is a precious gift, opening the Akashic records to accentuate the timeline you are now on.

Some spiritual teachings encompass the belief that souls exist on a karmic-laden path endured to fix the problems of the past. This way of looking at human life has resulted in massive heart-break surrounding a soul’s decision to embody on Earth at all and is only a fraction of the truth of why you choose to incarnate.

How you look at life is a reflective mirror through which your story is both being read and written. How you feel about every choice you have made and others have been made for you culminates in a frequency that either raises or lowers your soul’s capability to love.

A soul’s greatest priority is to examine itself through as many different experiences, lens and spectrums of love as possible.

Love should not be limited in its definition to anything other than God. The perfect love and perception of it has already been experienced by your soul at the highest level of immersion. You come not to perfect this love anywhere in the world or within yourself, but to be a part of its many physical manifestations.

To love despite its return is a common thread woven through each human soul’s incarnation requests.

This is why we refer to the soul’s journey as a ‘love story with the universe’. Each soul is learning what love is, how it can be expressed and the many forms it will take. It is contributing to a universal legacy and definition of love intended to expand the entire universe. This is the only evolutionary path and measurement of importance.

To let this statement wash over you may invite more complexity. Where in my life have I not upheld this decision to love and how is this reflected in my soul’s evolutionary achievements? As we walk through the many phases of a soul’s journey and decisions to incarnate, our goal is to help you relax into an eternally-unfolding process already innate within.

We are translating an elaborate and ornate tradition of breathing life into a small corner of the universe for the purpose of initiating a deeper relationship to it each day.

To remove all blocks to your soul’s highest truth is to first understand who you are and where you have come from. We will address all of this too. But more important, we aim to move your soul back into alignment with its purpose for arriving on Earth; one that only you are able to quantify in a time-space reality different than any other you have chosen throughout the cosmos.

As we flow through these teachings together, you will:

  • Remember your reason for incarnating at this pretentious time on planet Earth and how your soul story intricately intertwines with the collective;
  • Activate DNA codes directly related to your incarnate purpose, moving you into a greater state of self-realization and wonder;
  • Clearly understand the process of incarnation and transition, including what a soul experiences as it moves between physicality and light;
  • Realize how karma and incarnate journeys elsewhere are affecting this one and how to put this information to efficient use in your daily life;
  • Receive detailed information about creation, free-will and how a soul interfaces with its many collective decisions prior to coming to Earth;
  • Release resistance to your soul’s decision to incarnate and anything you have faced in this lifetime stalling the ascension timeline; and
  • Open your mind and heart to the true path of love you have chosen, including its earthly mechanics and themes.

Item 1 | Opening Message | One God, One Master | St. Germaine

To gain a clear understanding of the soul’s journey, we must first release any false context affirming what it is not. In our spiritual and religious teachings, we are sometimes led astray. The truth of our soul’s essence rests upon a collective purpose for choosing this incredible incarnation on planet Earth. It seems so big that when we attempt to distill it into a material choice or reward, we can easily lose sight of the bigger picture. In this opening message, St. Germaine offers a key code transmission to remind us of our origins. Sink into the vibration of his words, floating back to a part of you long forgotten; a part of your soul that is tending to physical life from beyond the veil. There is a universal Creator within waiting to reveal all that has been hidden. You are a walking manifestation of cosmic purpose; one God, one Master among many. This channeling includes a meditative practice designed to expand your energetic bandwidth and access to the higher mind. When practiced, you will install a state of calm and peace that will remain during our time together and beyond. Prepare to initiate with one or many of the Ascended Masters within these transmissions and follow their guidance to accentuate your own.

Item 2 | Five Channeled Transmissions

Join Micheila for a 5 channeled journey with the Guides to explore your cosmic lineage. These transmissions are curated through story-telling, teachings, activations and meditative practices. Video classes are offered via Micheila’s website for viewing. You will receive a log in and password via email if you are new to Micheila’s programs with instructions to access this material. 

Class One | Your Soul’s Emergence, a transmission through Archangel Michael – A decision to come to Earth at this juncture should be considered an orchestration of incredible strength and fortitude. The willingness to show such love and compassion on a planet divided is evidence of your soul’s Angelic heart and level of mastery. In the first moments prior to incarnating, a soul is taking inventory of all it has decided in a collective state. It is scrutinizing these decisions from a different viewpoint as it moves into singularity. There is a moment of deviation from unified existence that is known as a child’s first breath. This breath catalyzes all that it has planned into a field of energy referred to as living life force. This force moves a soul through life and calls forward all cooperative components necessary to live in the way of its intentions. While this may be perceived as a Divine plan or even karmic destiny, it is more than this. Your soul’s emergence on Earth is fulfilling prophesies the second its first breath in a new body is taken. Your mere presence has already completed forgotten contracts that will become rewritten throughout your physical life. In this transmission, we will help you remember what these prophesies contain and how your oversoul is truly satisfied with what you have already contributed to them. You will learn how the soul experiences its transition from oneness, through birth and into separation.

Class Two | A Force of Nature, a transmission through Quan Yin – You are akin to all living creatures that exist on the planet your soul has chosen. To watch how they walk through life provides crucial insights to your own internal instincts. When a soul first arrives on Earth, it is carefully guided by Angelic assistants and inspired by its own curiosity. It longs to remember connection and is now relegated to five senses to define it. Have you ever discouraged a child from putting things in its mouth or tried to quell its fervent desire to touch everything? These acts, at a very basic level, are reorientation to oneness on a physical planet. When this process is forbidden, what does a child learn? At the core of its being, a young soul’s predisposition is contentment until it realizes just how separate it is from what it vaguely recalls. This child-like contentment, wonder and curiosity still exists within you and can be reactivated today. Your oversoul relishes in the joys of incarnate exploration and your soul is in awe of what it discovers as a child, regardless of the experiences it was handed. In this loving transmission, you will remember your connection to all things earthly and the reason why you wanted to observe them in a separate state. You will begin to understand how joy is cultivated in concert with a larger part of you that is observing every step physically taken.

Class Three | Pre-pubescent Alchemy, a transmission through Archangels Raphael & Gabriel – While many would refer to mid-life as the most prominent phase of physical transition, your adolescence is the most precious period of soul discovery that has been robbed from you. The concepts of sovereignty, independence and preference are developed in these years and play a key role in how your Divine plan expresses itself on Earth. While no plan is set in stone, there are certain incarnate criteria accounted for within and these are based both in self-preservation and human evolution. You are meant to follow your passions, desires and talents, even if they take you off course of societal norms. You are learning how to trust your instincts and intuition, even if they seem to lead you temporarily astray. Sometimes, an adolescent child must suffer the consequences of an under-developed ego or suppressed will to bring precious aspects of self back into balance. When a child is preparing to become an adult, it is prone to acting out some of the most prominent past life themes and those of its archetypal lineage. These are not often recognized as such because they are demonstrated through an immature spirit learning how to manage the intensity of emotion. Yet this is alchemy; a period in which hormonal elixirs are smoothing out the rough edges of a soul’s greatest suppressions. And if navigated with an Angelic hand, teenage angst can clear density resulting in the most powerful internal observations. In this transmission, we will take you back to the period of your adolescence to view it through the eyes of your oversoul, bringing to calm any aggressive tendencies related to control or the suppression of organic creation. Our goal is to rewire your perception of this time period through a higher vision, accepting the inevitable gifts still at your disposal.

Class Four | Your Eternal Awakening, a transmission through Mary Magdalene & St. Germaine – Your goal on Earth is not to accomplish anything. You are here to consciously engage with the physical plane, leaving behind an energetic imprint of love. With this in mind, your soul’s eternal nature can be questioned. What is the purpose of life if not to leave behind a legacy? The word legacy, however, must be contemplated from different angles. What your oversoul witnesses behind the curtain of separation is so expansive that a human mind may not be able to grasp its value. So we must get so deeply ingrained in each precious moment that we forget to measure our successes and failures. In doing so, we make space to accommodate this massive plan of constant awakening, which in and of itself has no boundary or expectation other than self-realization. If self-realization is the goal of every incarnation, then the legacy we are building is not relegated to one lifetime. It is a soul story we are contributing to uniquely in each moment. Awakening today is imbued within extreme circumstances and drastic changes; but beyond these life altering periods, awakening is meant to be a constant stream of soul variegation; weaving together pieces of ourselves from other realities that make the biggest impact here. In this transmission, we will help you remember this path of eternal awakening, how your oversoul defines it and where you stand in its progress. Throughout your adult years, your soul has moved through many transitions that are considered precious and valuable by your oversoul.

Class Five | As You Prepare to Merge, a transmission through the Elohim – The moments prior to merging are some of the most beautifully arranged in the process of death. We may never know the exact time of our passing, but a soul undoubtedly begins to remember the viewpoint it had prior to its first breath. There is an eloquent process already decided upon through which astral lovers and those who have guided you return to facilitate oneness. Every lifetime you have ever lived on Earth that has somehow touched the one you are still holding onto becomes felt and known. Sometimes this is confused with mental incapacity; but a soul is actually beginning to live multi-dimensionally while still in a physical body. The consciousness is traveling elsewhere and the mind is struggling to keep a steady hand on the reality and identity it is leaving behind. This process, while difficult for loved ones, is crucial to begin to merge again. We are seeing with such clarity how parts of our energy field become reintroduced to higher planes and we begin to understand why we were so mislead in our ego. While there is no descript process or timeline for this period, there is one common theme. A soul may begin to make peace with all it is leaving behind, in whatever form that takes. Even the most resistant souls are forging forgiveness in ways unrealized by others around them. It is the greatest release of density that allows the soul to ascend and is possible to achieve wherever you stand today. In this transmission, we are bringing you closer to the concept of Heaven on Earth and how it is viewed by your soul and oversoul right now.

Item 3: Two Hour Q&A

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is offered to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. There are also many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to the course material. All activations and processes are vibrational in nature and just as strong on the recordings as in live sessions.

Item 4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle 23 Community

Take the collective energy of this course online as you receive support from others in the class and direct interaction with Micheila in this private, exclusive Facebook group only for those in the Lightworker Inner Circle 23 program. Post your questions and share experiences as we strengthen the energy and expand it into the human collective. Micheila posts channeled guidance and answers questions on the group page weekly. If you are on social media, this is one of the most beneficial aspects of Micheila’s programs, connecting you with a new cosmic family of like-minded, conscious souls who compassionately share your journey. Those in Micheila’s Inner Circle Community also receive free access to the manuscript of her first book, ‘Epitiaum’. Search for an active community in your area on Micheila’s website under the Inner Circle tab or email support@micheilasheldan.com for guidance.

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