Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 9

Mentoring with the Higher Self | Activating Collective Energy for Manifestation

A channeled course with the Master Collective Unity of Light through Micheila Sheldan

A channeled introduction to this course:

“Behold dear ones, we are the Master Collective Unity of Light. We are made up of many Master Teachers and Ascended Masters who have been present on your earthly planet and achieved mastery within the implementation of the higher self, operating through love and collective unity. This allowed us to achieve greatness in our physical lives observed by many as extraordinary feats; yet this greatness is possible for you here and now with the installation, observation and utilization of your higher self.

It is our intention to explain the higher self mechanism to you as an organism of the mind in relationship with your physical journey and to mentor you on how to work with your own higher self as the Master, forging a relationship to love, fulfillment, joy and abundance.

Specifically, we notice that although many of you are utilizing the higher self as a crystalline container to access information through Source energy, you have been unable to embody the activity of the higher self in your day to day lives, supporting your physical journey.

What you may not understand is that the physical journey and the higher self activity as a connection to Source go hand in hand. The higher self is not here to give you knowledge and guidance alone; it is a navigation system that runs behind the mind/emotional body technology. When implemented correctly, it can guide you beyond words in a fluid way to living a highly synchronistic life in relationship to your divine blue print, vibrational potentials and divine will. We are pleased to activate this beautiful gift within you.”

~The Master Collective Unity of Light

You will:

  • Activate higher states of joy and peace in your life beyond what the mind and emotional bodies can invoke
  • Create a fluid connection between your thoughts and the higher self for present moment awareness, enhancing  clarity around the decision making process
  • Open the channels for Source energy to flow through the higher self into the physical structure and through the chakra system
  • Implement easy tools for activating your higher self at will
  • Develop your own personal relationship with the higher self based on your unique extra sensory gifts and perception
  • Communicate with and through the higher self to accentuate your relationships and creative process
  • Strengthen the relationship between your higher self and old grid timelines to resolve dense energies that no longer serve you
  • Recover, integrate and heal fragmented soul pieces through the higher self technology

The ultimate objective of this vibrational interaction is to first recognize the higher self as a your own personal navigation system, a guide or teacher similar to those in this collective.  Then second, to integrate the higher self tool with your mind and emotional body such that there are no limitations or barriers between the information the higher self provides and your own spontaneous realizations and notions. In other words, the higher self becomes installed as a window of operation for all of your experiences, not used only to assist you in times of need or trouble.

The planetary energies are now assisting humanity in implementing the programming and activating the star gates of the higher self container. It is critical that you understand the value in this wonderful component of your vibrational technology because it not only amplifies and expands your personal journey, but also that of the human collective.

The higher self mechanism coming back online is the key to humanity re-birthing its earthly experience in alignment with its highest potential.

In this course, you will be mentoring with Quan Yin, Archangels Michael, Metratron and Gabriel and the Orion Council of Light. These loving beings make up The Master Collective Unity of Light and are assembling specifically for this vibrational interaction. As you receive communication from these Master Teachers, you will be initiating and activating communication with your own higher selves. This, of course, includes a process for integrating the higher self container as a valuable tool for manifestation and physical modification of your lower vibrational timelines.

The Orion Council of Light comes to open star gates within your divine structure that have been locked or blocked from you for centuries of human time. These star gates activate frequencies that are collective in nature and assist in the crystallization of a collective reality. What this means is that your physical reality becomes far more influenced by your non-physical identity, imprint and direction than ever before. The planetary alignments are assisting you right now to move energetic information through these star gates and into the channels of Source for healing old wounds, imprints and archetypal patterns and activating your gifts.

Expect to receive meditations, processes and tools to integrate the higher self technology, as well as a deep understanding of how this technology has developed and continues to expand through time.

1: Channeled Video Course Introduction & Meditation | The Higher Self and Heaven | The Orion Council and Quan Yin

What really is the Higher Self and how does it work as a collective entity through time?

Is there a connection between the Higher Self, human transition, soul fragments and our concept of Heaven?

In this introductory video, the Orion Council steps forward to explain the make-up of the higher self container, how it operates, how it has evolved and how it connects to the earth and the universe. This is a vibrational transmission designed to active the cellular memory within your DNA of experiences with the higher self container as a soul transitioning between physical human bodies.

Quan Yin joins this transmission to offer a meditative process, assisting us to journey beyond earth and interact with our higher self essence, magnetizing it as a tool and opening a portal for us to rendezvous with it at will. This process is an initiation into this vibrational course and may be repeated to strengthen your connection and ability to fully integrate the higher self technology.

This transmission offers:

  • an advanced understanding of the higher self container for yourself and humanity
  • crystallization of your DNA, invoking cellular memory of your soul’s travels through time
  • activation of your heart chakra, opening a portal to rendezvous with the higher self energy
  • a process to magnetize fragmented soul pieces to benefit your human experience and heal lower vibrational timelines
  • an interaction with the Master Collective and your higher self designed to raise your vibration and prepare you for the course material

2: Mentoring with the Higher Self | Four Channeled Messages and Activations with The Master Collective Unity of Light

The Master Collective Unity of Light offers 4 channeled transmissions through Micheila that are designed to help you understand and use the higher self as a tool in your linear timeline:

  1. Soul Communication and the Higher Self | Linear Assistance for Living in Collective Alignment
  2. Healing with the Higher Self | Accessing and Integrating Fragmented Soul Pieces
  3. Manifestation and the Higher Self | Collective Manifestation for Your Linear Timeline
  4. Creation and the Higher Self | Opening portals to Unify with Source Energy

In addition to channeled guidance, processes are offered to strengthen your relationship with your higher self. In each transmission, the Orion Council of Light opens and activates stargates to connect your energy fields – the mind, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies – to the higher self.

Many in this course have experienced profound emotional releases of dense imprints stuck from past lives or this linear timeline; active dream state, intergalactic travel and spiritual communication; and breakthroughs and clarity around significant personal issues.  As each transmission is received, your higher self expands, becoming more accessible to your unique structure.

3: Moving Past Blocks | 2-Hour Channeled Interaction with The Master Collective Unity of Light

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is given to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. You will learn specific applications and details about the higher self, human stargates and creation. There are many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to program material.

4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle Community

The Lightworker Inner Circle Community is a gathering space for those who are currently immersed in or have previously taken Micheila Sheldan's Lightworker Inner Circle channeled courses. This private group is designed to support each member by sharing wisdom, experiences and questions on the path to higher consciousness. Micheila's channeled messages are also shared in response to questions and postings. The intention of this group is to raise the vibration of all who are a part of its collective energy. It is an excellent space to interact directly with Micheila and others as you integrate this course material.

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