Intuitive Channel

I am someone who has had a great interest in metaphysics for many years, and have always looked for new ways to get in touch with the spirit world and learn from it. Therefore, over the years I have had many different encounters with the specialists of this realm including psychics, spiritual counselors, theta healers, mediums, past life regressionists and channels. I have seen people with both mediocre and good abilities and gifts and some that did not have any talent. Only one experience stood out for me from a long line of different sessions - a meeting with a medium who connected me with my deceased grandparents, until I had a channeling session with Micheila. The whole experience of channeling with Micheila was magical. From the first moment Micheila started with me I could feel the authenticity of everything that was going on. Her face lit up with a special light, her voice, and body language were all part of this unforgettable experience of communication with my beautiful guides. The room was filled with great love and amazing feeling of security that everything is going to be fine. The information that Micheila channeled was very valuable and needed and great food for thought and heart. My guides answered all of my questions through Micheila in detail. It put me at ease, and I experienced a great feeling of relief and peace. I have felt peaceful since my session with Micheila. It was a beautiful spiritual encounter, one of pure love and compassion! I will definitely go back to Micheila for more guidance and would recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual assistance. Thank you Micheila for your gift!

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