Intuitive Channels

Micheila Sub Heading: 

When booking, please reserve a full 60 minute session.

If you are in a time zone that does not fit with Micheila’s
schedule or need to request an evening appointment, please
email us. Micheila is happy to accommodate special requests.
Be advised there is typically a 4-5 month wait for sessions.

Once you are booked, you will receive a confirmation with a
link to join a video call via Zoom closer to the date of your
session. We do not provide recordings of channeled sessions.
However, Zoom will allow you to record the session right onto
your hard drive and this is the best and quickest way to have a
copy. Be advised that if you choose to join the session via phone
or tablet, you cannot record the session via Zoom. Micheila allows
you to record your session however you wish on your end, so that
you may have an immediate copy. Please have your recording
device ready at your scheduled time.

Preparing for a Channeled Session

During each channeling session, Micheila begins with a statement of intention designed to call in the highest Guides to address your questions and current challenges. Micheila encourages you to plan ahead and think about your intentions for the session. She can accomplish a lot in an hour’s time. Multiple areas of your life, including physical health, relationships, spiritual gifts, your soul’s path and purpose, can all be addressed in a detailed download. It is best to keep your intentions somewhat open, allowing your Guides to give you the most important wisdom you need on your path at this very moment. But specific questions can also be answered that are in your best interest.

Write down any questions you have prior to the session, but also keep a pen and paper handy to jot questions that may arise while your Guides are speaking. Sometimes you will receive information or answers you did not consider and it helps to keep the session on track, ensuring the best and most complete result.

Micheila is a trance channel. As she enters this state, your Guides are making direct contact with your soul, using her body and mind as a crystalline vessel to transmit high vibrational codes and information. You will always know the name of the Guide who is speaking and will often see and hear a transition of Guides as topics change. It is not unusual for clients to speak with multiple Guides and Collectives during one channeled session. Other times, one very significant Guide may be speaking on behalf of a collective consciousness.

Because Micheila enters an altered state of consciousness, she does not retain the specific questions asked or answers given during each session. However, she integrates personal understanding while the channeled transmission is streaming through her that can help you quickly ground and decipher meaning from multiple messages. She often receives vivid visions of past life experiences and will consciously step in to better relay these detailed messages.

It is quite common that your Guides will begin with a download of information that is most important for you to hear in the moment. Afterwards, you may ask questions. Remain open to the fact that you may not receive the definite 'yes or no' answer you are wishing. Your Guides are here to support your mission and soul’s journey, but will always look to you to make the final decisions on your life path while providing the wisdom and higher guidance you need to make the best informed choice. They uphold your free will and universal law implicitly, knowing you are a vibrational being and also a creator of your reality.

During this dynamic session, information comes very fast and activations and processes are also given to clear resistant energies and raise your frequency. Clients walk away with clarity, direction and understanding as to their soul’s mission and inspiration to create it through tools, resources and gifts that are already within their energy field.

Remember, you are receiving light coded information, activations and frequencies during this channeled session, so finding a quiet space and time to receive and integrate the energy is recommended. While accessing your record, your structure is flooded with vibrational information. These transmissions are designed to move you forward physically and energetically, activating your DNA and preparing for new vibrational potentials to manifest.

Prior to your session, you will receive an email from us with a link to join a video call via Zoom. Zoom allows you to record the session right onto your hard drive. Be advised that if you choose to join the session via phone or iPad, you will not be able to record. In these circumstances, Micheila will provide you with a recording and always has a back-up for those who choose to record on their own. Please have any recording devices ready at your scheduled time.

And if you have any questions regarding the technology or are not finding the session time you need, please contact us at support@micheilasheldan.com

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