Intuitive Channel

Mojie - California, United States

I wanted to thank you from the portal in my heart for an amazing session!!!  Everything shared is exactly what I am currently feeling and experiencing.  Before our session I couldn't understand why I am receiving info that is so scattered. Well, now I know!  With you r assistance I was able to make sense out of it all! I love listening to our session. It confirms all that I am and have been doing. My travels, releasing, restructuring the humans and earth grids and knowing I'll be galactic and going back and forth and so much more.

Nigel T. - United Kingdom

I have been on a very bumpy spiritual journey which started to accelerate two years ago, and went supersonic six months ago. The information started to drown me and it was an impulse thing to book the channeling with Micheila. I got much more than I asked for and expected! Micheila is very talented, as the channeling was clear and precise, and the information has pulled all the loose ends that have been flying everywhere for the last six months together. If you are reading this wondering should I, or shoudn’t I use Micheila, then stop thinking and just do it!

Jose V. - Manhattan, United States

I came into the session with Micheila with very high expectations. And I got so much more than I could had imagined. Micheila is not only the real deal but she is one of the best channels. There were no wasted sentence that came out of her mouth. Everything she said was full of truth, guidance and support. She could see deeper into the truth of who I am than anyone else I have ever met. The activations and remembrances that Micheila brought on during our session are true gifts I waited a whole lifetime to receive. Now I finally know who I am and where I am going.


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