Intuitive Channel

James H. - Oregon, United States

For me, Micheila's channeling has been an amazing catalyst in my life. The information I received has centered me and inspired me more than I could have imagined. I truly feel like a different person - or rather, I feel like myself. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Thank you, Micheila

Cedric L. - France

My session with Micheila was extraordinary. She put words to a lot of the confusing feelings and emotions I was going through and it made so much sense to me. Suddenly I felt that the chaos I thought I couldn’t handle was part of my evolution process and part of my Mum's. It is still hard but the areas I  was stuck in seem more like an opportunity to grow. Hearing her/them suddenly lifted some of the paralyzing anguish I was battling endlessly without an end in sight.

Lorra Lapinskas Chagares, Radio Host, Lady Talk Live, Genesis Communications Network - Georgia, United States

Micheila, I can't begin to thank you enough for our session today. It gave me such insight that will only set the stage for my continued transition. I had a very good day with my son. I felt empowered in my conversation with him. I was able to communicate in a way that he understood, better than ever before. It was a blessing to finally meet my Guides, and you are true joy to work through. I am so looking forward to having you on our shows.


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