Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 10

Your Inner Relationship to the Divine

Keycodes for Living in Harmony with the Universe

Divine Mother, Mother Mary and Ancient Lemurians, Peacekeepers of the Universe

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

Your inner relationship with the Divine sets the standard for how your human life unfolds. This inner relationship is not only your perception of the self, but the way in which you allow yourself to divinely orchestrate your life according to your wishes, desires and unique expressive creations.

Everything in this universe operates within Universal Law stating that as one vibrates in the likeness of God, it will perceive God in all things. Holding this union with God depends upon a deep, expansive and rich relationship with yourself.

Many do not take the time to facilitate this kind of relationship, looking at this type of activity as self-serving and not aligned with human service. To upgrade your service to humanity, its expression and ability to flourish, it is essential that you create an abundant, loving inner relationship, without restrictions or barriers to happiness and without stifling your access to the bountiful human life you came to experience. Although many of you may know this at a surface level, the ability to truly orchestrate a relationship with the Divine may seem foreign to you. We come to reacquaint you with the beauty of your soul’s journey.

The Lemurians offer energetic processes and transmissions in each lesson designed to awaken your creative energy and love based frequencies. The Lemurians are master peacekeepers; knowing that this frequency of peace is the basis for the unfolding of magic in their world. The Lemurians are also teachers of co-creation and come to share their experiences with us.

You Receive:

1. Defining ‘The Divine’ and Heart Chakra Alignment Video Class | Channeling through Divine Mother & the Lemurians

In this introductory video, Divine Mother helps us to understand what her consciousness is made of and how we relate to her and many other Master Teachers throughout history. She defines the concept of  ‘the Divine’, what it is and how it works through us to create our human experience. There is also a heart chakra alignment offered by the Lemurian Collective to prepare us for this course. This process can be used over and over to align, open and find coherence with your heart resonance to improve universal orchestration of your human experience.

2. Six Keycodes for Living in Harmony with the Universe | Channeled teachings and Keycode Activations through Divine Mother, the Magdalena and the Lemurian Collectives

Walk through 6 vibrational transmissions designed to activate remembrance of your soul’s true nature and innate connections to the Divine. These courses are intended to be taken in order as a codex is being built that works uniquely within you structure and crystalline DNA strands holding ancient wisdom and truths.

Key Code 1 – Manifesting Through Living Prayer

The meaning of prayer 

Prayer has been misinterpreted through time as a process of revoking sin and to ask a higher source for mercy upon yourself and others. But active prayer is a form of universal communication with your higher self and God that enables a direction of your reality through time and space. One of the most important forms of communication you can offer is a collective vibration of love. Yet humanity has been trained into a vibration of competition, judgement and looking upon his brothers and sisters as the enemy to his own abundance. In this transmission, we begin to understand the concept of living prayer and how to implement it into our lives.

Key Code 2 – Co-creating Your Human Experience

The Power of Human Connection 

Human connection is a critical element of how Source energy works through your Akashic record to support your soul’s imprint. The amount of resistance humanity carries in regards to human relationship has stifled your soul’s ability to divinely orchestrate and co-create with others. Many of the relationships
humans have manifested show up in a hologram of suffering, magnetizing the elements of the human story that are profoundly impacted by hierarchies such as race, gender, age and financial limitations. The purpose of human relationships must be redefined to move humanity beyond this enigma of karmic replay, supporting their soul’s highest expression from the Akash and carrying that into future potentials for humanity. In this transmission, we remember the importance of human interaction and co-creation on our soul’s journey.

Keycode 3: Eliminating Resistance from the Holographic Field

Loopholes for Manifestation | Catching Yourself in the Act 

Your inner relationship to the Divine is either strengthened or stifled by your response to your outer world. The judgements you make upon yourself and others become the basis for how the Universe receives communication, drawing to you experiences that may not be in your highest good, but nonetheless showing themselves as reflections of your thoughts and belief patterns. When you are deeply in touch with how you are thinking and feeling about your human experience and your world, an opening in the magnetic field of attraction allows a quick glimpse into your highest expression. Imagine if you practiced this kind of awareness each and every day! You are the God of your own collective earth. And your vision into its kingdom is the only way in which you create your own. In this transmission, we eliminate the resistance we create each day unknowingly limited our potential.

Key Code 4: Union through Self-Love

Exploring the Meaning of Self Love through Outer Reflections

If you are indeed the conscious director of your collective hologram, you must also realize that your ability to love the self becomes a stable platform for this direction. The degree to which you love yourself is the degree to which you are able to love others. Humans have defined this concept of love quite differently through time. Love from others has become the criteria by which you are able to experience or validate love for the self. Yet it is all one frequency. Self-love is not righteous and does not require an egoic ability to capture more for the self than what others possess. Self-love requires deep vulnerability, accepting your own beliefs as truth, cherishing your own feelings as valid and acting upon what your soul speaks to you in the highest integrity. Many become disengaged from the self based on perceived actions of self-love. In this transmission, we clarify how to operate in integrity, allowing all to benefit and aligning you with love that is the basis for creation.

Key Code 5: Honoring Magnetic Attraction

Tuning Your Physical Reality 

Your human excitement to arrive in a physical body was not based on play alone. In every dimensional experience, a navigation system is offered through your structure to interpret your creative energy and how and where it is flowing. Physical wasn’t the most important reason for coming here, yet offered you comfort. You knew there would be an element of surprise and excitement to human life and that your ability to manifest in physical would show you exactly how your vibration was moving through space and time in a collective reality. Physical manifestation is the essence of magnetic attraction and, in this transmission, we come to explain how to respond, recalibrate and revel in the magic of your own magnetic attraction. 

Key Code 6: Matching Your Highest Potentials

A Vision into your Soul’s Desires and Plans

Every desire that you have placed into the universal field is held for you there to meet its likeness in people, places and things. Your highest potentials contain a blending of your known desires recalibrated to your collective intentions, so that they may show up for you at the level of your highest selves. When you are attempting to manifest, you may only see half the picture in physical. An orchestration of your highest potentials manifesting in physical may require things in your current reality changing to meet the speed of your desire. Everything is connected in the universe and the level of surrender to meet the potentials at their point of manifestation is the result of your inner relationship to the Divine. How can you balance your physical desires with your unknown soul’s intentions and trust that you are receiving at the level of your highest self? In this transmission, we explain this and more about living in alignment with your highest potentials.

3: Moving Past Blocks | 2 Hour Closing Message and Q&A

In this final 2-hour interaction, there are many audience questions answered that directly pertain to the course material, removing blocks and strengthening your understanding of and access to your Inner Divine. All activations and processes are vibrational in nature and just as strong on the recordings as in live sessions.

4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle Community

The Lightworker Inner Circle Community is a gathering space for those who are currently immersed in or have previously taken Micheila Sheldan's Lightworker Inner Circle channeled courses. This private group is designed to support each member by sharing wisdom, experiences and questions on the path to higher consciousness. Micheila's channeled messages are also shared in response to questions and postings. The intention of this group is to raise the vibration of all who are a part of its collective energy. It is an excellent space to interact directly with Micheila and others as you integrate this course material.

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