Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 19


A New World View on Abundance

Lakshmi, The Nehal, Isis, Mary Magdalene, the Pleiadians and others

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

In ancient times, the prosperity of the Gods was evident in gold and jewel-laden adornments worn as cuffs, necklaces and head pieces. Yet, these are only a reflection of the brilliance and beauty of their vibration; the echo of a sound nurtured within. In these days, valuable amulets were not worn as symbols of luck or wealth, but to accentuate the energy field through direct contact with the skin; to activate elemental properties vital to life force, vibrational balance and physical resilience. There was a purposeful tie to vibration within all material things.

In today’s world, one’s identity is measured through a similar relationship to material. Yet the richest souls in the cosmos relate to themselves and the world differently. To be truly prosperous, we must rid ourselves of all attachment to material. This is not to say that material energy is not rich and wonderful, but that our energy fields become imbalanced if prosperity is calculated only by material gain.

To return to enlightened and peaceful civilizations on Earth, humanity must unwind decades of generational patterns and distortions around the concept of abundance.

A human soul embodies on Earth with all that it needs to accomplish its goals. Yet, a chronic gap and disconnection from Source has continued to widen. When a divide this significant exists within any race, it leaves a soul weak and vulnerable to outside influence. It may be led to believe its power and value lie elsewhere.

Prosperity is not finite or measureable. There is no limited pool of resource that you are drawing from. But your relationship with and connection to Source has constantly come into question. It is necessary to amplify the frequencies of prosperity within such a personal relationship to Source is curated. Only then will a soul realize abundance in the world.

To be prosperous is to exist as if there is no separation between you and Source energy.

In these moments, a soul is alive with gratitude and there is no want for anything other than what is already within its possession. A prosperous soul does not measure the degree of abundance it has access to. There is no definition of prosperity other than the complete energy that it is. You are prosperous because you are. The breath makes it so. An embodied soul is already whole and complete, but on a journey to experience this wholeness through a reflection of itself in the material world.

Abundance and prosperity are unique, yet entangled concepts.

Abundance is how a soul measures prosperity in linear, material terms. While we do not see abundance as a material construct only, it is necessary for a physical soul to accumulate material abundance in its lifetime. Abundance helps to create a reality full of meaningful experiences and many occasions to evolve. It is the goal of a soul in one incarnation to be as abundant as possible such that life is rich with opportunities to exchange and interact. To create a material life through a soul’s vibration is an incredible gift.

As you awaken to the language of prosperity, you are re-writing ancient codes that exist within your DNA and upgrading them to the fifth dimension.

Ancient rituals focused on prosperity were designed to activate a frequency. Material was not the end goal. Knowing how powerful vibration is, the Gods would strive to reach heightened states of consciousness. In doing so, they would accentuate their access to knowledge, which was far more valuable than money. Knowledge was seen as the ultimate power; an all-knowing, all-seeing state in which anything could be made manifest.

Prosperity practices were eventually shared with entire communities and hidden by those in secret societies. They can be used for good or evil. Intention is an important consideration and driving factor in these teachings. Enlightened civilizations were trained on attaining Akashic knowledge and receiving intergalactic communication. Within these rituals are implicit guidelines that help a soul to clear the vibration of lack or restriction such that it does not affect another. Some of these rules have been turned on you to sustain material weakness and create scarcity mentality. This is easy to transcend when you understand the ease of these practices and power of who you are.

Prosperity is cultivated through a field; a vibrational matrix that perfectly coincides with the blessings of a soul’s Divine plan.

This field, when strongly attuned, cannot be narrowed by the mind or confined to the physical plane. It activates a soul’s ability to work within its own energy field as a self-generating source of abundance. If the idea of abundance is limited to a fixed measurement, idea of success or amount of wealth, the field becomes finite. When these goals become the focus of meditation, it is a self-defeating prophesy. This results in material gain that is not sustainable or aligned with your truth. To live a prosperous life is to practice the fullest expansion of your vibration. Prosperity is threaded within wonder and curiosity; it exists as excitement and surprise. Prosperity thrives within present moment fulfillment and rests within what has already come into your life; it is active in the knowing that abundance always arrives in perfect form and time.

The most prosperous souls want for nothing other than the richness of being alive.

Living in the moment leads to organic desire. If desire is relegated to something that must arrive in a certain form and time, it is diminished in its strength and power. A soul’s preferences are already known, as it cannot help but observe what it craves in the world. Daily observation is the most powerful messenger. Observe consciously and with delight at what the Earth has to offer. This is how what you desire shows up at your doorstep. The window of the mind is an ongoing communication tool, sharing a daily list of new cravings and ideas with Source energy.

Abundance cannot be equalized on Earth until souls repair their personal relationship with Source; for the construct of money is but a mere reflection of what the collective believes it is worth.

The Earth is at a crossroads between an old valuation of wealth and a more progressive way of seeing abundance. For all to live in prosperity, some will lead the way through the example of their own lives. At a time when the world is experiencing intense restriction, it is possible to upgrade your manifestation potentials to those of ancient civilizations; those in which you were adorned with rare jewels and crystals and held the books of universal knowledge in your hands.

We are taking you deep into the Akashic Records; on a journey of past timelines and those of multiple Masters. How they were taught and perceived abundance must come back to the Earth right now.

As we walk through these transmissions together, you will hear how the ancients used vibration to map a pathway of personal and collective prosperity. These teachings were elemental to enhancing the abundance of entire communities. Until a critical mass lives in these truths, humanity will not know unity, which relies upon abundance being shared and prosperity fully realized.

In these transmissions, you will receive:

  • Key practices and daily rituals to move you into alignment with your Divine plan and organic connection to Source;
  • History and teachings related to the Universal Law of Prosperity, how it works and its many translations;
  • Self-reflective moments that subtly, but profoundly change patterns related to self-worth and abundance;
  • A multi-dimensional understanding of the construct of money and exchange and how to implement it into your life;
  • Insights as to how prosperity and abundance will change in the fifth dimension and how to thrive as it comes into being; and
  • Processes and meditations designed to activate your energy field, clearing a lineage of past programming related to the frequency of abundance.

Item 1 | Reunion | The Nehal & The Order of Isis

Prosperity is a quantum frequency. To activate a true sense of prosperity, it may take a deep level of surrender and we must be willing to release anything that stands in its way. But more important, it is a feeling that we are being called to invoke and remember. Join the Nehal as they take us through a vibrational introduction to all of the concepts we will explore in the journey ahead. A codex exists within the words, carrying you to insights meant to cultivate a personal relationship with the idea of prosperity. As you relax into the codes sent through the combined voices of these Ascended Masters, you will prime your energy field and clear old belief systems and patterns. With the assistance of the Order of Isis, you will be led on an astral journey into the Heavens to remember a sentient and merged state before arriving on Earth. This meditative process is designed to induce a deep sense of relaxation that stems from the knowing we are always taken care of.

Item 2 | Five Channeled Transmissions

Join Micheila for a 5 channeled journey to work with the frequency of prosperity. These transmissions are designed as a mix of instruction and ancient protocols combined with meditative processes to help you align with Source and realize a new level of abundance. Video classes are offered via Micheila’s website for viewing. You will receive a log in and password via email if you are new to Micheila’s programs with instructions to access this material. 

Class One | The Origins of Prosperity - While prosperity may seem an abstract term that describes something unattainable, its definition can be found intricately woven in the fabric of the Universe. It is Law. While practices of prosperity span many ancient cultures and Ascended Masters, these teachings came to the planet from the cosmos and can be distilled to a few very simple concepts. Through this transmission, we are taking you back to the days of cosmic schooling, where Elders and Councils of various star origins trained future generations on the rites and practices of their collectives. As humans return to their star lineages, these hybrid-states hold less karmic blocks to the frequency of prosperity. You will understand the universal components of prosperity, while also activating your energy field and shifting the frequency of it in your life.

Class Two | The Energy of Exchange - Prosperity relies upon the constant motion of exchange. This is perhaps one of the most critical areas humanity must focus at this time. While exchange is inevitable in a vibrational universe, it is the physical constraints of a linear reality that put blocks and conditions in the way of what Source provides. The idea that energy is physical only becomes a barrier to receive what you desire. When a soul is in the flow of universal exchange, it is better apt to work with an innate design and interconnectedness that helps abundance to flow. In this transmission, we will provide concepts and suggestions to help put you in the mental mind-set of unencumbered vibrational exchange. The feeling of this state is paramount to your soul’s ability to remain in non-resistance and allowance of what Source has to offer.

Class Three | Your Soul’s Worth - Your personal relationship to abundance will either obstruct or accentuate the frequency of prosperity. But how will you determine what you are worth in a world of physical measurements and conditions? To truly know your soul’s worth, you must first uncover all that stands in its way. While this may seem a difficult task, there are common threads and belief systems that are the crux of these blocks, as all humans on Earth today have arrived in the density of the third dimension. While we take you through a transmission to understand these threads, we are stitching the fabric of your soul’s most authentic and beautiful design; repairing your personal understanding of your soul’s worth.

Class Four | Equalizing Abundance - While there is a desire for all humans to receive equal amounts of abundance, in a linear fashion this is not possible. There could be no equal measurement of the vibration of a soul’s wants and needs. It is the suffering from material lack that humanity wishes to abolish. All souls come to Earth with a Divine plan designed to source abundance in exact increments to its pre-destined path. As a collective, you have fallen so far off the path of these plans that these resources do not seem to come. Or, you are striving for something other than what you are meant to experience, creating contradictions in your vibrational field that skew signals to Source energy. In this transmission, we are guiding you to slowly disintegrate what blocks your personal relationship to prosperity of the world; to realize collective contradictions and distortions that are being reinforced and must be released. While hierarchies and government structures have become the reason for unequal resource, each individual bears the responsibility of reversing this through the vibration of their personal story.

Class Five | Prosperity in the Fifth Dimension - You stand at the threshold of a new reality. All aspects of Universal Law will expand and become translated differently on Earth. This is important to understand as all who exist in the world are beginning to influence a new timeline. In this final transmission, we will offer an explanation of how monetary abundance will change in the coming years, how to manage your frequency during the shift and how to start tapping into abundance in a more collective vibration. We will also provide practical recommendations for how to work with the construct of money as a Lightworker, healer or teacher in a product or service model. As with each offering, this final message will contain codes and activations designed to shift your timeline of abundance into the fifth dimension.

Item 3: Two Hour Messages and Q&A

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is offered to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. There are also many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to the course material. All activations and processes are vibrational in nature and just as strong on the recordings as in live sessions.

Item 4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle 19 Community

Take the collective energy of this course online as you receive support from others in the class and direct interaction with Micheila in this private, exclusive Facebook group only for those in the Lightworker Inner Circle 19 program. Post your questions and share experiences as we strengthen the energy and expand it into the human collective. Micheila posts channeled guidance and answers questions on the group page weekly. If you are on social media, this is one of the most beneficial aspects of Micheila’s programs, connecting you with a new cosmic family of like-minded, conscious souls who are ready and willing to share your journey. Those in Micheila’s Inner Circle Community also receive free access to the manuscript of her first book, ‘Epitiaum’. Search for an active community in your area on Micheila’s website under the Inner Circle tab or email support@micheilasheldan.com for guidance.

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