Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 20

Mastering Your Karmic Destiny

Redefining your Soul’s True Purpose

Through Mary Magdalene

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

To eliminate suffering, we must come to terms with the idea that all circumstances we encounter have a higher purpose. While this concept has become the discussion of spiritual process and philosophy, its deeper meaning is rooted in faith. What we believe about our soul’s purpose in life becomes the foundation upon which creative energy flows. It is through this belief that we become a participant in our soul’s Divine plan and karmic destiny.

But the question remains, if we are encountering a pre-planned journey that is difficult, is our soul working against us? Have we come to Earth to serve a jail sentence written over the course of many life times filled with mistake-ridden choices?

This could be no further from the truth. Mastering your karmic destiny is a moment-by-moment choice; a complex relationship to energy that must be simplified and cultivated within.

To rise above suffering is to know that you are eternal.

A significant part of your soul lives beyond this incarnation and this part must be considered. If we believe that this life is all we have come to experience, it is easy get wound around the idea that we must somehow succeed. This way of being in the world creates the dense, physical plane many have come to abhor. When our soul’s attention is drawn into needless thinking, it will splinter and weaken. We find ourselves confused and unable to get into the flow of a human life.

To know God is to understand transcendence; to believe that we are an eternal universal presence with never-ending opportunity.

And within our hearts we must lean into the understanding that we are the God we pray to, focused into a tiny fragment of the universe that is important to our expansion. Our soul’s journeys are long and we must be patient. The more inquisitive we are, the slower we process energy, and the more our physical lives are savored.

Karma, while translated through many Masters and cultures, is merely a path. It is the reclusion of a soul’s choice that becomes revisited in each incarnation. We may believe that we have no choice or are relegated to making choices alone, but this creates the greatest amount of suffering. Karma has less to do with suffering and more to do with perception. How we intend to live in the body we have chosen, how we go about relating to the souls we encounter and how we see ourselves within our life experiences are the most important considerations.

We are here not to obliterate karma, but to eliminate suffering.

We must learn to cherish karma’s constant opportunity to grow and become self-realized. This is how true love is found within and unleashed to the world. The eternal question, ‘who am I beyond myself?’ is what karma is designed to answer. Self-love is the foundation upon which happiness arrives and healing takes place.

As we travel together, we will be visited by many Masters in my lineage and those I have studied under on Earth. Their role is to lift us up to a standard that we decided upon in the Heavens… that no form, man or energy could ever destroy us, only make us stronger.

You will become anointed in the love of Christ Consciousness, knowing it flows eternally within.

Together, we will discover the personal foundation you are building for your soul’s eternal journey into the unknown and how it is affecting each present moment experience. There are modules we have devised to organize the various components of a soul’s life, designed for physical growth and personal evolution. As we explore these areas we are going into the depths of your own karmic story and revealing a path of healing. This healing is not based upon any condition other than to release the suffering within and understand that it does not define you.

If you have suffered in your life or are in the throes of pain today, we will make great use of this energy. Suffering is a valuable passage; a soul’s most fierce, transcendent force to move you into the quantum realm where all things are possible. Your karmic destiny can be mastered regardless of who you are and the story you have chosen to write.

In these transmissions, you will receive:

  • Loving guidance from Mary Magdalene and those in her lineage on the meaning of karma and how to face difficult times;
  • An understanding and relationship to your soul’s story beyond this incarnation and how it is affecting you now;
  • Tools and processes to rewire your perception of human life, creation and the wheel of karma;
  • Invocations and meditations designed to release suffering and activate peace;
  • Ancient wisdom on how to cultivate a personal relationship with your past, including the concepts of forgiveness and living beyond trauma;
  • Support for dealing with disease and understanding the purpose of physical body challenges;
  • And, guidance to focus your soul on its most important assignment: its relationship to self.

Item 1 | The All-Seeing Soul | Introductory Message & Pineal Gland Activation through Mary Magdalene

Mastering our karmic destiny rests within perception. The ability to clearly see human experience from multiple vantage points is critical; but more important, we must be willing to see and embrace all parts of ourselves. Who we are and what we are yet to become is dependent upon self-knowing; and we cannot claim to know others unless we are able to see and embrace all of ourselves. In this beautiful introductory transmission through Mary Magdalene, we are prepared for the journey ahead with valuable insight on our soul’s decision to come to Earth and the true purpose of karma. This channeling includes a potent pineal gland activation using the kundalini breath that many in the Inner Circle have practiced in past transmissions. As we raise life force from the seat of our soul through the central channel and into our pineal, we receive a nourishing prism of golden light that will transform our perception as we walk hand-in-hand through this course.

Item 2 | Five Channeled Transmissions

Join Micheila for a 5 channeled journey with Mary Magdalene to understand how to master your karmic destiny. These transmissions are designed as a mix of instruction and ancient protocols combined with meditative processes to help you align with peace, forgiveness and quantum presence. Video classes are offered via Micheila’s website for viewing. You will receive a log in and password via email if you are new to Micheila’s programs with instructions to access this material. 

Class One | Suffering as a Passage - When a soul is suffering through anything, what it most needs is kindness; a reflection of love that is not be seen in the world. Judgement is futile at these times, because the frequency of suffering is not what you might expect. While there are many dense and heavy emotions we are processing at times of great suffering, they are our greatest opportunity to rid the world of what we no longer wish to experience. If we can use suffering as a gateway into a new reality, all is not lost. We have the greatest opportunity to explore the miniscule details of life when we have fallen to our knees. This is the way out of darkness, for we are the only ones that generate the light within our world. The light found within us attracts others like a moth to a flame and what we shed light on must be transmuted. Nothing should be pushed away, for all experience is valuable. If we can open our hearts to every life experience regardless of its circumstance; when we can really feel, see and accept every journey with compassion, we are no longer afraid of what may come to pass. We will know within our hearts that challenges are leading us to more understanding. In this module we will be processing stuck emotion. Anything that was leading us into new awareness, but has gotten blocked along the way will flow like an ocean tide carrying us to new things. Within the codes, words and affirmations of this transmission, your soul will be transported beyond its need to resist change, death and pain and see the magic in being fully present with whatever life brings to our doorstep.

Class Two | A Soul’s Decision - Who you become is the result of a million choices in this life time and the ones you have lived before. But how these choices build a storage bank of karmic energy must be revealed. If we believe that we are subject to ‘wrong-doing’ and afraid to make decisions that could be a ‘mistake’, are we truly evolving? A soul’s decision is a primary tool for how to master its karmic destiny; yet this has nothing to do with the actual choice. The frequency through which a choice is made is contributing to the archetypal patterns that we most wish to accentuate or abolish. Sometimes, unbeknownst to ourselves, we are making a good decision wrapped within lower vibration. If we are conscious of our emotions and moving energy imbued in love, trust and respect, we don’t have to concern ourselves with mistakes or karma. We are, in each moment, transmuting not only our own density, but also the densest patterns that perpetuate through all human lineages. In this transmission, we will gently support your most difficult impending decisions and heal any lingering doubt that you have failed yourself in the past.

Class Three | Faith & Fear of the Great Unknown - Having control over the future has become an area of focus on Earth, both in spiritual practice and conventional success. But is all of the planning and projecting into the future actually assisting your soul’s karmic process? If we are striving to live beyond suffering, we may be relegated only to what is happening now. If we move too far beyond this moment while riddled with fear or doubt, we must keep in mind that we are creating. There is a threshold, a delicate interconnection, between your karmic story and creative process. You come with a road map; a record of journeys you will take in this life. How they unfold is where your influence most comes in. To have faith is to know without a doubt that your Angelic self is good and saw a life for you with just as much goodness. We accentuate this plan when we become excited by the notion of taking the brush into our own hands and emphasizing the lines of a well-thought out painting, intensifying its brilliance. If this part of our journey is forgotten, we feel relegated to a life with no choice. Faith is the ability to see choice in all occasion and to know that we will encounter goodness in all things. But to find faith, we must be willing to accentuate the goodness in what currently exists. Faith is cultivated by the stories we are telling ourselves. In this transmission, we will explore the extremes of faith and fear and how to use the intelligence within each state of being to move through karmic periods with greater ease and purpose.

Class Four | Those Who Have Not Loved You - A lineage of self-loathing perpetuates the greatest human crimes. When we find ourselves the victim of hatred or trauma, the idea that we must forgive these acts can be the biggest roadblock to our freedom. Yet, in the eyes of God no one is truly free of their own acts or accusations. If a child learns it is unlovable, its soul will forever spiral in the wheel of karma until it realizes this love. And every act, whether violent or passive, if not fruited in self-love does not serve another. Forgiveness has nothing to do with the external world, or pardoning the acts of others. Once a soul is able to move through life giving of itself in ways it could not receive, it is both able to forgive and be forgiven. You are a seed, scattering yourself like the wind through the vibration of others. This analogy teaches us that karma is not our own, because what all souls crave is to know they are not alone in their suffering. If we are able to use the transgressions of others as a vehicle to uplift those in darkness, we need not worry about the karma of the world. We are transmuting lineages and lifetimes of dark energy through these acts of love. In this module, you will be held in the arms of Mary Magdalene, as you rewire your focus upon those who could not love you to support your healing journey through self-love and service.

Class Five | The Body’s Most Important Teaching - Every cell in your body is an extension of your mind, trained in vibrations that have echoed throughout time. These cells can take on a mind of their own, or function together as a collective, focused on supporting the soul within it. But regardless of its state, the body is a primordial teacher in a physical reality. If you come to Earth to live, feel and act within form, form must somehow be a primal part of your karmic mastery. This collective theme is coming to a head today. Disregard for the body has created the same result as self-loathing in the wheel of karma. The body has been viewed as a vehicle of transportation, vanity, success and pleasure; when in fact, it is the most significant part of a soul’s journey to self-love, peace and evolution. If a soul can cultivate a meaningful relationship with its body, a fusion takes place within the mind and there can be no separation of truth. Disease results from this separation, the most prominent reason that humans are suffering today. In this transmission, we will tend to the energy of the body, explaining its karmic purpose and releasing the undue suffering a soul creates around it.

Item 3: Two Hour Q&A

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is offered to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. There are also many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to the course material. All activations and processes are vibrational in nature and just as strong on the recordings as in live sessions.

Item 4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle 20 Community

Take the collective energy of this course online as you receive support from others in the class and direct interaction with Micheila in this private, exclusive Facebook group only for those in the Lightworker Inner Circle 20 program. Post your questions and share experiences as we strengthen the energy and expand it into the human collective. Micheila posts channeled guidance and answers questions on the group page weekly. If you are on social media, this is one of the most beneficial aspects of Micheila’s programs, connecting you with a new cosmic family of like-minded, conscious souls who are ready and willing to share your journey. Those in Micheila’s Inner Circle Community also receive free access to the manuscript of her first book, ‘Epitiaum’. Search for an active community in your area on Micheila’s website under the Inner Circle tab or email support@micheilasheldan.com for guidance


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