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Lightworker Inner Circle 22

The Secret Code

Ancient Rituals for Health & Longevity

The Council of Athena

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

Gaia’s core was born of a magnificent collision of highly potent, cosmic elements spiraling into themselves. The orgasmic fusion of a human body is no less miraculous! The physical body is one of the most revered experiential containers that souls throughout the universe request. But in today’s modern world, the body carries a heavy karmic load.

Physical enlightenment is the focus of every soul’s plan; yet some have embodied to raise human consciousness through a heightened experience of the body.

Souls in this timeline have volunteered to take on a dense karmic legacy of bodily neglect, while also navigating a complex and swiftly transitioning collective hologram. Transparency is leading to more confusion, at a time when physical healing is becoming a top priority. With so many options to consider, how do you know which path to choose? And how will you account for the unseen layers of programming that stand in the way of manifesting a healthy body?

Changing the course of decades of bodily disease and degradation may seem overwhelming, but it is a necessary step forward in human evolution. Your readiness to transform the deepest layers of physical energy is evidence of your high level of spiritual attainment and mastery.

Living in alignment with form is an eternal process of infinite conception through which a soul revisits multiple lifetimes within its current reality.

If this is the case, we must consider that information is flowing beyond the more challenging, karmic influences. A library of longevity protocols exists within each and every one of you; but these volumes of history are not bound by the same cover. You are in the driver’s seat of a beautiful journey through which the exploration of physical form can lead to Heaven on Earth. But, there are some foundational teachings upon which an individual builds an intimate relationship with its own body.

Breath is the carrier of all life.

If the breath is not seen as the first step in human health, bodies that are suffering through disease will never know healing. This is because you were born of the very energy that sustains you within each breath. The life force of the universe is the vibrational wave upon which healthy bodies thrive and we intend to bring you back to the grace of this abundant field.

Modern disease is the consequence of a perceived lack of freedom.

If consciousness perceives a limited scope of potentials, the body begins to live within this state of restriction. Each fractal of the body is mirroring itself within and throughout the universe. With this in mind we must consider that everything we say, do and act upon is having a profound impact on our physical health and the wellbeing of the collective.

In Ancient times, there was very little focus on bodily health. This is not because disease was not prevalent, but that the body was revered as a unique carrier of energy; the result of millions of vibrational waves in perpetual motion. The goal was to ensure that these waves were synchronistic and flowing in accordance with those of the universe.

In these civilizations, physical health and resilience was a lifestyle ingrained at a very young age. Reverence for daily practice held a constant state of effortless coherence. Living in sacred relationship with the Earth supported the body’s constant renewal and helped it to maintain a state of non-resistance. No condition faced was seen as a divergence from a soul’s path. And through this perception, disease was managed very differently.

You are not returning to the physical bodies of ancient civilizations, but morphing into your own version of Gods and Goddesses.

Our goal is to lift you above a veil of confusion and into the simplicity and joy of living within physical form. You will learn how the ancients perceived health, longevity and disease. And through these transmissions, leave behind a great burden that humanity has carried for decades.

You will gain personal insights and techniques for attaining longevity, resilience and constant bodily alignment; but also confidence in your ability to chart a personal road map to self-healing. These transmissions will be curated through story-telling, ancient philosophy, modern day interpretation and meditative processes offered to make subtle changes in your perception and outlook.

You are entering an enlightened age through the integration of spirit with form. To accelerate its arrival, you must consider that you play an integral part in how it will unfold.

Through these transmissions you will receive:

  • Keycode reminders of your soul’s ability to transcend any condition of the physical body;
  • Lessons from the Masters in physical and spiritual enlightenment, bodily care and longevity;
  • Insights on mind-set, vibration and manifestation practices, how they were used in ancient times and their application today;
  • Ancient wisdom on the energy centers, their purpose and how they create a fluid container for physical alignment;
  • History on the human body’s origins, ancestry and karmic themes; and,
  • Life-long tools, templates and practices to guide your body into its highest physical expression.

Item 1 | Opening Message | The Light of Your Soul | The Council of Athena

To heal the body and move it through one of the most prominent transitions in human history, we must go back to basics. The body and the soul are one; made of light that permeates beyond the confines of flesh and bone so rigidly defined as material. To work with quantum energy requires we adopt radical beliefs about the body’s ability to perform feats of magic, erasing years of repetitive thought that reverberate within our cells as law. If humanity is moving into an enlightened age where sovereignty reins, anywhere we have limited our freedom is contributing to a lineage of bodily disease that still remains. In this introductory transmission, we learn about the Council of Athena, their history and why they come to guide us at this pivotal moment on planet Earth. We hear about the body’s origins, why it won’t cooperate with our wishes and how we can retrain our minds to accept where we stand at this very moment. This level of acceptance sets the foundation for the changes we desire. The Council of Athena leads us through a powerful meditation to wash clean a lifetime of limiting beliefs and inherited programs to prepare us for the journey ahead. As the light of your soul permeates every inch of your physical body, feel into the possibility of deep surrender to a pre-destined plan and process; opening the door to your very own Secret Code.

Item 2 | Five Channeled Transmissions

Join Micheila for a 5 channeled journey with the Guides to explore your cosmic lineage. These transmissions are curated through story-telling, teachings, activations and meditative practices. Video classes are offered via Micheila’s website for viewing. You will receive a log in and password via email if you are new to Micheila’s programs with instructions to access this material. 

Class One | The History and Prominence of Energy Centers – Before teaching anything about bodily function or upkeep, ancient healers focused their students on the inner workings of the subtle energy fields. When body is out of sorts, there is always an energy center that should be aligned and remastered. When we develop an intimate relationship with these portals that run through our inner light column, we are not only alerted to disease long before its physical manifestation, but also have the keys to transmute it. We are able to draw profound wisdom about our soul’s physical journey from deep within us. In this transmission, we will explore the significance of your subtle energy fields, chakras and energy meridians and their relationship to physical alignment.

Class Two | The Latent Expression of Bodily Karma – How do we know if our soul is meant to endure an instance of disease and whether it is even within our destiny to heal? If karma is inevitable, is each soul fated to experience a slow and uncomfortable progression to death? While it may seem that the body is the greatest contributor to discontent, it is also the vehicle through which unending joy is experienced. If both of these dichotomies simultaneously exist, then every spectrum of experience in-between is able to be chosen. This is important to consider in the wheel of karma because the beliefs of our ancestors and how they are held within our consciousness are of utmost importance. When we know of our ancestral inheritance, we have the duty to deepen within it, regardless of what challenges it brings us. In this transmission, we will provide a discourse on bodily karma, its themes and how it expresses within the collective.

Class Three | The Hidden Meaning of Disease – We become what we believe we are. While this theory is rooted in mysticism, it is not all encompassing. Even when we command ourselves into perfection, we are still vulnerable to become uprooted by an unexpected bodily event. When this happens, we must be assured that the intelligence of the universe is present in form. Only when we have released our resistance can we clearly see what disease is asking us to acknowledge; for there is only one Source and this is within. If we are becoming ambassadors of God consciousness, the physical body is showing us where we might hold hidden agendas or are still neglecting our own brilliance. The human condition is a source of suffering only when it is met with confusion or loss of hope. To understand why we are here and who we capable of becoming, disease is calling us to destinations that were not on our road map and a strength within that we did not know existed. In this transmission, you will learn the language of the body, how to speak to it and the gifts that exist within any expression of disease.

Class Four | Marrying Ancient Wisdom with Modern Times – While the teachings of the ancients are revered, you must keep in mind that they lived in a different timeline and world than the one that you have chosen. There are many environmental, metaphysical, ancestral and material factors that play into what human bodies are being called to transmute. So to follow any guidance to the letter of the law does not consider your precious soul’s plan in this period of intense awakening. Health is a reflection of the level of trust within you. What you know about your own body, the world you live in and how rapidly it is changing is revered wisdom that doesn’t come from the Heavens. When our feet are planted solidly on the Earth and we have made peace with our past, we can walk boldly into the future with the confidence of an army of angels, knowing that guidance is the reflection of a greater relationship we are cultivating with the world. In this transmission we will reveal how to reflect into your current timeline and see the importance of your body’s story to the future of humanity.

Class Five | The Emotional Connection & Cosmic Consciousness – One of the most evident themes playing out on planet Earth today is the balance of masculine and feminine. When we are unafraid to become reacquainted again and again with ourselves, we have reached a pinnacle of consciousness. For decades, humans have been groomed to suppress the feminine aspects of their bodies and energy fields. How this translates on a physical planet is the restriction of emotion and the valuable frequencies it holds. If the spectrum of emotional expression has been limited or we are unable to reach a certain threshold of vulnerability, we will forever spiral in the wheel of karma because the body may need us to release more than we are able to hold. Humanity has come to a place where its emotional connection must be considered. Do you have the bandwidth to dig deep into the despair of the past and expound upon the joys you anticipate tomorrow? The Holy Spirit is a fluid transmission of cosmic consciousness reliant upon a physical soul’s bandwidth to feel. What we are willing to feel, we are able to heal. In this transmission we will explore the concepts of trauma, emotional frequencies, coherence and the methods to support them, including the connection between emotional intelligence and cosmic consciousness.

Item 3: Two Hour Q&A

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is offered to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. There are also many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to the course material. All activations and processes are vibrational in nature and just as strong on the recordings as in live sessions.

Item 4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle 22 Community

Take the collective energy of this course online as you receive support from others in the class and direct interaction with Micheila in this private, exclusive Facebook group only for those in the Lightworker Inner Circle 22 program. Post your questions and share experiences as we strengthen the energy and expand it into the human collective. Micheila posts channeled guidance and answers questions on the group page weekly. If you are on social media, this is one of the most beneficial aspects of Micheila’s programs, connecting you with a new cosmic family of like-minded, conscious souls who compassionately share your journey. Those in Micheila’s Inner Circle Community also receive free access to the manuscript of her first book, ‘Epitiaum’. Search for an active community in your area on Micheila’s website under the Inner Circle tab or email support@micheilasheldan.com for guidance.

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