Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 25

The Path of a Master

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

The Ascended Masters

Channeled through Micheila Sheldan

On a soul’s infinite journey through the cosmos, it has prepared a path so meticulous and thoughtful that it is bound to leave a legacy. To have come from oneness and into separation gives each soul the opportunity to reclaim its Heavenly perspective through a new identity, location and life experience. But to remember what it once was, a soul chooses to explore what it has yet to become.

God consciousness is the most expansive form of light; because God is not considering itself separate of the whole. God is creating in benevolence of itself which exists in many unique forms throughout the universe.

Just like the stroke of a paint brush highlights the color of a brilliant night sky, you are here to enhance an energy stream that flows through you into material form.

Those considered Masters were endowed with these titles to reflect their energetic power and reach. They were taught to channel the Divine into miraculous manifestations decorated with quantum possibility. While they each possessed distinct assignments and rare abilities, there are common attributes and training that account for their prominent place in history.

A Master assumes that he is no less in prominence or denomination than God; having the power to lift the vibration of an entire planet through his own actions.

To know the self as God requires a soul to rise above ego, greed and vanity. To have such tremendous influence over entire civilizations, a Master must intimately know himself. This teaching, that spans ancient history, can seem fleeting and mysterious in its quest. If we are forever changing and have incarnated in a world riddled with problems, how does knowing ourselves solve the most difficult challenges we currently face?

If we fall out of alignment with our soul’s inner truth, we will never understand how our destiny becomes fulfilled.

What we choose to create in the modern world is either degrading or ascending the human experience. Knowing ourselves is a frequency within which the distortion of truth cannot persist. How we perceive ourselves, our reality and others is a magical elixir finding its way into the quantum entanglement of every human story. And, what we share of ourselves, in any form, touches those we may never have the occasion to meet, as we are all connected in a matrix of collective energy.

The Ascended Masters are a part of your own DNA lineage.

To have incarnated in this timeline required that you welcome fragments these transient and multi-dimensional Masters to embody with you. It is just that many have forgotten these agreements and how to awaken the most powerful ancestral lineages to interface with the world in a meaningful way.

Ascended Masters choose to incarnate during the most prominent transitional periods because they have the confidence and understanding that their presence alone will shape them.

It is more important now than ever to face the challenges of Earth’s trajectory with the courage and energetic influence of the Master within you.

Our intention is to help you remember who you are and how to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before you. It is far easier to bring light to darkness than you may have imagined.

Join Micheila and the Guides to explore the Path of a Master. These teachings will relay modern-day translations of Universal Law and provide insights into how the Masters you have come to know and love were trained by those who went before them.

As we move through these teachings together, you will:

  • Understand the value, conservation and direction of your precious energy to architect the reality you desire;
  • Realize how legendary feats of magic performed by Ascended Masters can still take place today;
  • Apply concepts of Universal Law and mystery school teachings to modern day experiences;
  • Receive direct guidance from the Ascended Masters to support you during the Earth’s transition to the fifth dimension; and,
  • Practice in the meditative techniques of the Masters, activating the history and wisdom most applicable to your soul’s story.

Item 1 | Opening Message | Amulets of Love through Archangel Michael

Imagine your soul’s final moments prior to engaging with the physical plane. Can you feel the pride, excitement and anticipation of becoming all that you had set out to be? As you drift within the loving vibrations of the Archangel Collective, this introductory channeling will remind you of the vision you had for this life based upon others before. After communing with your cosmic families and just before signing contracts with those imperative to your evolution, your soul stood before a council of Ascended Masters gathered especially for you. Some were reflections of yourself and others teachers that you were a student of. As Archangel Michael guides us back to this point in our Heaven to Earth passage, we remember the gifts we were blessed with and are rebirthed in the Master fragments we hold so close to our hearts. There are brilliant amulets within you filled with potent energy and fused with bodily elements. Every time you listen to this transmission, you will discover a relationship formed long ago with these loving Masters and higher aspects of self. This channeling also prepares your energy field and lifts for your vibration for the journey ahead.

Item 2 | Five Channeled Transmissions

Join Micheila for a 5 channeled journey with the Guides to explore your cosmic lineage. These transmissions are curated through story-telling, teachings, activations and meditative practices. Video classes are offered via Micheila’s website for viewing. You will receive a log in and password via email if you are new to Micheila’s programs with instructions to access this material.

Class One | Living as One a teaching through St. Germaine – A Master has gone through many lifetimes where the exploration of separation has led to more distance. While a soul must value its individuality, it is not incarnating to create a greater divide. Through reverence for individuality itself, a Master learns to cultivate greater love in the world, for there is truly no separation between the self and many. The Universe tunes into all that we contemplate and act upon to facilitate its mastery. Yet if we use Universal Law to slight others or benefit only ourselves, we may be leaving behind a legacy that is not representative of a Master at all. In this transmission, we will distill the understanding of living as one to very simple concepts that can expand your consciousness and improve your life on Earth.

Class Two | Reciprocity and Energetic Exchange a teaching through Master Jesus – What has been done onto you must be reciprocated. This is the assumption of Biblical teachings. When we do good turns in the world, we are expected to be rewarded in balance of our charitable contribution. But this expectation causes a great deal of suffering when rewards are not received in the forms we desire. If we are meant to be of service, we should be clear of any personal entanglement with punishment or reward. The intention behind every thought, word and action is what a Master will scrutinize and values. To keep the energy of the cosmos in perpetual balance, we must consider that we are made of the very universe that we are attempting to manipulate in our favor. The Law of Reciprocity should not be taken as literally as what is exchanged between two or more parties. It is an internal orientation that we must all live in alignment with. The standards we set for ourselves become the foundation of all future collective manifestations. How we introduce our energy into every situation is the deciding factor as to whether we improve or further decay our reality. In this teaching, we will provide a detailed understanding of how reciprocity and energetic exchange go hand-in-hand on a physical planet and are intimately conjoined to raise a soul’s Divine Plan into higher and higher states of vibration.

Class Three | Retribution and Universal Balance a teaching through Mary Magdalene – You are currently immersed in the density of many generations that have gone before you. But, to transmute anything, a soul must clearly see what it has the power to overcome. Seeing this clearly can create interference in a soul’s constant quest to better the world. It seems natural to hold those responsible for wrong-doing to justice such that humanity can be expunged of ill-fated timelines that continue to repeat. Yet, an eye for an eye is a narrow viewpoint of justice and the expansive love through which God operates. We must pause and consider the vibration behind the justice we crave and whether it is contributing to the future we desire. The Ascended Masters are known for their ability to see beyond the veil and contemplate physical reality through a multi-dimensional perspective. This allowed them to constantly prioritize where their precious energy was being directed and reserve life force for parts of their missions yet to be revealed. You are no different than the Masters you pray to. In this message, we will share some of the foundational teachings related to retribution, justice and holding others responsible for the very things we have incarnated to transform through our presence.

Class Four | Prosperity and the Source Field a teaching through Thoth – Nothing that exists within your soul’s inheritance can ever be taken from you unless by agreement. While this sounds harsh, it is a basic interpretation of the Laws of Prosperity that date back to ancient times. The human collective has been tricked into subconscious agreement with dark forces. To walk the path of a Master requires a keen eye, inner trust and extra-sensitivity. Awakening to these hidden agreements begins within you and then expands outward into the physical world. You are remembering that you are the only one able to manifest what is your birth right to receive and that the Source Field is a configuration of multiple souls existing within the same vibration. In an age of transition, we must be careful to not entangle our energy with the very things that stifle it. We must pave an organic path to prosperity and wellbeing that others cannot stake claim to. A Master is using his own creative energy to thrive despite the physical conditions he finds himself in and overflows with life force to align others with the Source field. In this transmission, you will hear how Masters throughout history endured the challenges you face today and were crystalline containers for manifesting new, more prosperous timelines.

Class Five | Restitution and Magnetic Healing a teaching through Divine Mother – If knowing thyself aligns a Master with his magic, all that remains unknown forges a path of eternal salvation. We are raised to remember our calling and put it into action. But if we have already charted a course, will our earthly training inhibit the calling of the universe? A Master understands that his life is not his own. While a Master is fulfilling his heart with unending acts of service, the universe is preparing his next steps based upon collective need. This intimate communication between Master and universe can go undetected. We are the only ones who can suppress a legacy that is quantum and limitless. Sometimes we cannot see the amount of resistance we possess to the very things that the world requires of us. When we hold ourselves and others to standards that are impossible to achieve, we are not doing the world service at all. If we can give up all that we rigidly embrace, space is made to download cosmic insights that carry us to our next assignment and better reality. Forgiveness, compassion and stillness release all that blocks our connection to the Divine. You may believe that you alone are responsible for all that comes into and leaves your experience; but this is short-sided in the minds of Masters. While a Master takes full responsibility for the entanglement of his energy with everything, he also knows that he is not working his magic alone. The universe conspires to assist all who will allow its perfect unfolding. If we can stay in the mystery long enough to see the results of our unified efforts, we will no longer doubt that we are God embodied in human form. In this final teaching, we will learn how to move through whatever seems impossible in our current human reality.

Item 3: Two-Hour Q&A

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is offered to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. There are also many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to the course material. All activations and processes are vibrational in nature and just as strong on the recordings as in live sessions.

Item 4: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle 25 Community

Take the collective energy of this course online as you receive support from others in the class and direct interaction with Micheila in this private, exclusive Facebook group only for those in the Lightworker Inner Circle 25 program. Post your questions and share experiences as we strengthen the energy and expand it into the human collective. Micheila posts channeled guidance and answers questions on the group page weekly. If you are on social media, this is one of the most beneficial aspects of Micheila’s programs, connecting you with a new cosmic family of like-minded, conscious souls who compassionately share your journey. Those in Micheila’s Inner Circle Community also receive free access to the manuscript of her first book, ‘Epitiaum’. Search for an active community in your area on Micheila’s website under the Inner Circle tab or email support@micheilasheldan.com for guidance.

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