Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 3

Discover your Signature Imprint

Teachings of the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective through Micheila Sheldan

The human collective has triggered a very significant ascension code, reconnecting our structures with Mother Gaia. Our crystalline core now becomes one with her and we are activating a brand new operating system. The question becomes: how do we use this new operating system and begin connecting the parts of ourselves we uncovered in the 3rd Dimension into our higher, collective purpose?

The next phase of our journey involves the transition to self-healer, expanding telepathic communication and integrating our multi-dimensional essence.

We are now ready to uncover our signature imprint – our collective assignment in this incarnation. We are holding a new frequency and ready to magnetize the parts of the whole, and Gaia energies are now supporting us in a new and expanded way.

If you are looking at your soul’s purpose as a completely different path from what you have manifested so far, look again! It’s all around you… the clues, the information, the support and the tools. But we must first integrate the soul and the higher self to perceive… and to receive… the whole picture.

Join Micheila Sheldan and the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective on a journey to activate your higher self, enabling you to bring together the parts of the whole, into a collective energy that reveals your signature imprint.

This channeled video class walks you past the transition of the March solar eclipse and into how the structure is beginning to interpret new information through the earth frequencies. There is a focus on the inner workings of new portals of communication as they relate to disclosure, your cosmic family and DNA connections. You will learn how to activate your internal receiver to higher communication so you better perceive, retain and understand the information you are receiving. Most important, you will begin to align the timelines you have already created with the higher dimensional, collective purpose your soul accepted in this incarnation.

There are two parts of your structure that are beginning to function and fire together as one – the higher self and the soul. The soul owns your record and parts of your creations that are physically relatable. The higher self knows your cosmic connections, and how to tie together all the multi-dimensional parts of you that contain the recipe for manifesting in a new frequency.

The integration of the higher self is the path of self-awareness.

In this class, we are preparing the structure for collectively-based manifestation. As your bridge into a new dimension, you will be begin to easily drop the singularly focused parts of your reality that are no longer serving your higher self, opening the door to your signature imprint.

You will: 

  • Receive detailed, focused practices and information for the upcoming integration of the structure regarding earth energies and portals that are newly opened
  • Redirect your internal communication portals to your cosmic home, flooding the structure with new information your DNA has stored and is ready to use in your collective assignment
  • Heal and release aspects of your timelines no longer serving you to allow them to be integrated into a higher dimensional expression,
  • Prepare for a new form of manifestation that serves your higher purpose
  • Clear collective history that is replaying through your experience
  • Bring your higher self online in everyday activities, enabling you to easily incorporate your perception as a tool for self-healing

You receive:

1. Activate the Higher Self | 1 Hour Channeled Audio with the Pleiadian Collective

Begin to flood the structure with multi-dimensional light in this channeled introduction from the Pleiadian Collective that prepares you to uncover your signature imprint. The higher self is the catalyst to accessing your collective assignment. When you begin utilizing the higher self in your daily activities, you will easily heal timelines and collective history you have been replaying in your physical experience. Self-awareness becomes the multi-dimensional tool by which you shift your frequency, matching the timelines you wish to experience.

In this introductory, channeled audio class with the Pleiadian Collective, you will learn simple applications and tools to activate the higher self into your physical reality, allowing you to release density and resistance. You will gain information about how our structures may still be operating in a 3rd Dimension and how to use the higher self as a catalyst for breaking repetitive patterns and accessing new aspects of your 5th Dimensional Timelines and unique collective assignment.

2. Discover your Signature Imprint Channeled Class | Over 5 Hours of Channeled Course Material and Activations with the Pleiadian Collective

Many of us have accepted and created lower vibrational manifestations of our collective assignments within a 3rd dimensionally based energy. Did you know, you agreed to incarnate here on the planet during this pivotal shift to do something very big… huge even… to assist the human consciousness in its transition to the 5th dimension? The amazing thing about this is that you knew when you accepted this assignment, it would serve you and the collective from the highest place of love and joy. The opportunity is now available to take the limited information we were given and expand into the fullest expressions of ourselves.

Join Micheila and the Pleiadian Collective for a channeled course that will enable you to discover your signature imprint, the collective assignment you accepted when you incarnated during this very transitional time on the planet.

In this channeled video course, you will receive light coded frequencies to identify resistant patterns, as you are guided through teachings and collectively based activations.

Each class will include teachings and processes you can use each week to shift the frequency around your collective assignment, bringing it into your physical reality and manifesting the support and abundance you need to pursue your highest joy.

Expect ‘homework’ to integrate lessons with your day to day experience and practices each week that will help you align your energy. As you work with this vibrational tool, you will begin to access your soul’s unique imprint, as you rise above the timelines you created that no longer serve you and assemble the pieces of the puzzle you have been waiting to understand.

Each class can be watched over and over again as you work with the material to integrate, harmonize and align the soul and higher self.

Item 3: Moving Past Your Blocks | 2-Hour Bonus Channeled Audio Message from the Pleiadian Collective

Feeling stuck? In this 2-hour bonus audio, you will connect with the Pleiadian Collective as they address many areas that might be blocking you from accessing your signature imprint. You will learn how to transcend and heal remaining ties to programming, lower vibrational imprints, timelines and the material dimension. There are many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to program material.

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