Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 4

Attuning the Physical Body for Collective Energies

Teachings of the 9th Dimensional Atlantean Collective through Micheila Sheldan

There is a new energy available to you as beings of Source - an energy that is flowing through YOU as Source consciousness. This source energy is engaging all aspects of your being to allow the healing of your planet through your singular experience. Imagine your individual healing repairing wounds that are deeply entrenched in Mother Gaia and beyond! These are the actual wounds that, on a deep level, are now coming through your experience. These wounds, or collective timelines, will forever change the way you will interpret the physical body as an essence of your own, limited by material and bound by your singular creation.

With the activation of a new collective grid on your planet, there are many structural changes taking place within your energy body.

These changes will form the crystalline anatomy that allows you to take back your birthright, releasing karma and freeing you as a sovereign being. The physical body now becomes a significant focus of your human collective. The reason for this is many will not understand this new structure and how it functions, defaulting to collective karma as their own. This new collective karma holds weight beyond the singular soul and its dense nature will cause physical resistance that can be experienced as disease, discomfort and dis-harmony.

The physical body has information for you and it is becoming a new multi-dimensional tool.

So the question becomes: how do we operate as a One yet still hold our unique essence, desires and experiences? The Atlanteans are here in assistance of the transition from the singular experience to collective unison, the one soul. They come with a purpose to lead us back to operating in the way that was always intended.

Love of the self is love of others.

Everything that we choose to manifest into physical form holds a tie in the universe affecting our planet and collective consciousness. Our physical bodies now hold the key to Oneness as we interpret them in a new light and integrate them with Source unity. And, this is where this new channeled course begins.

Join Micheila Sheldan and the 9th Dimensional Atlantean Collective on a journey to attune your physical body for collective energies. This class walks us through the next phase of our transition and some intense solar and planetary alignments that are adjusting the earth frequencies, increasing our vibration and expanding our self-healing abilities.

You will:

  • Learn how to better communicate with the physical body as a multi-dimensional tool.
  • Release resistance around dense cosmic history.
  • Re-pattern cellular energies to your new collective reality.
  • Maintain harmony and peace in the physical body during a time of very dense karmic release on the planet.

Code and Activations

Each of the transmissions in this program will have a specific healing code that is given through activated light frequency. The codes will have a unique effect on all beings that choose to enter the program, but have a common purpose. There are 6 key light codes that are being designed to assist in the release of large karmic cords. These cords are related to historic galactic events that have a connection to the earth consciousness and are creating resistance as interpreted through your singular structure. They are related to dimensional wars, lack of freedoms and the integration of higher vibrational universal laws. The integration and release of these karmic cords prior to the next transition will assist your physical body to remain in harmony with the planet. These codes will work at the level your dimensional reality as related to current timelines, having a direct effect on your singular experience, light body activation and acceptance of responsibility for the collective.  Activations and codes will also be focused on releasing density specifically related to the healer/collective relationship and frustrations you may have anchored as imprints in your structure that have accumulated through time. Dropping protection will also be a focus of these activations and opening your aura and heart chakra to the reconnection of the One.

You receive:

1. Galactic History & the Physical Body | 1st Activation Code for Omnipresence and Extra Sensory Integration

In this 45 minute channeled video with Micheila, the Atlantean Collective provides an introduction to the course material. They explain their history, reason for coming forward at this time and intention for this communication. Human creation and who we are as human beings becomes the basis for these teachings. The Atlanteans take us to our roots to explain why the law of karma needs to be understood differently and expanded in our consciousness; and how the clearing of karma on our planet is about to change. Specifically, the Atlanteans come to tell us about galactic history and its relationship to our structure. You will better understand some of the challenges we are facing as a collective consciousness and how you can prepare and easily transition through these changes.

The Atlanteans are bringing forward 6 specific light codes in this course that are described in detail. The first activation and code is presented which is designed to help you expand your extra sensory tools and the amount of information you can integrate through your structure. You will experience omnipresence during this beautiful meditation and process that is given as homework as you are preparing for the first live class.

2. Attuning the Physical Body for Collective Energies | 4 Channeled Classes and Light Coded Activations with the 9th Dimensional Atlanteans

We are entering a time in our divine record through which the laws of manifestation and karma are beginning to change. A new collective, crystalline grid is enabling the human consciousness to clear karma in an expedited fashion and manifest in alignment with the soul’s imprint. Where many healers have been focused on karma and density at the soul level, we now must understand that it has always been connected to history, not only of our planet, but cosmic history. We have been replaying timelines that have not served us. And as many higher dimensional beings are now here in assistance, we can begin to strengthen our relationship to and understanding of this history as we see it purged through the planetary energies. Our focus must now shift to the collective in all areas. So what does this have to do with the physical body?

Our structures are energetic, pure crystalline light that are One with everything – the oceans, the plants, the animals and the earth.

What we perceive in the physical body has meaning that goes beyond our singular experience. We are connected to all of it. This means that not only do we energetically accept karma on behalf of the planet; we also purge, heal and raise it to a new dimensional timeline through our singular experience. The physical body becomes the focus as the energetic tool of intergalactic communication, planetary healing and a higher dimensional experience. The Atlanteans come forward in support of the human consciousness in relationship to a transition they have walked prior… the integration of the physical and non-physical bodies as one.

In this channeled course, you become a part of a group collective and receive light coded frequencies to heal, expand and open the physical body to its energetic and galactic connection.

Each class will include teachings and processes to practice each week, along with one of the 6 key light codes offered by the Atlantean beings. You will learn to flow with love, honoring Source in all things and connecting your free will to a new collective space through which all beings benefit from your experience. By enabling your physical experience to go beyond the body, you integrate new information your higher self knows is your unique imprint here on the planet, which is now collectively focused.

You will walk away with a tool box of knowledge and processes allowing you to:

  • Communicate with the physical body as a multi-dimensional tool;
  • Understand how the physical body communicates with collective energies and the exchanges that take place to either heal or create resistance;
  • Operate within a new collectively-based physical structure to manifest pure health and maintain harmony;
  • Heighten intergalactic communication through the physical body using new waves of sonic resonance;
  • Raise the bar on Karmic release by making peace with your collective experience;
  • Process what is happening in the collective to avoid resistant energies and the accumulation of more density;
  • Find comfort with sonic changes and integration of new dimensional communication;
  • Release and integrate large karmic cords related to historic galactic events;
  • Activate the light body and ground the experiences you are having in your astral travels;
  • Clear density specifically related to the healer/collective relationship and frustrations you have anchored as imprints in your structure that have accumulated through time; and,  
  • Open your aura and heart chakra to the reconnection of the One.

3. Moving Past Blocks |2-Hour Channeled Interaction with the Atlantean Collective | Final Light Code Activation, Integration and Closing Message

In this final 2-hour transmission, The Atlantean Collective gives a closing message and activation related to the course material. They address many areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material to finding harmony in your physical body. You will learn how to transcend and heal remaining ties to programming, lower vibrational imprints, timelines and the material dimension. There are many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to program material.

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