Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 5

Timeline Integration| Serving Yourself and Others through a New Frequency

Teachings of the Dolphin Collective through Micheila Sheldan

There is a new time space reality available for manifestation. It is not that your creative process is different; it is that the speed of manifestation has changed. Many of you have learned to manifest in relationship to physicality, but you have not considered that your record, non-physical energy, and vibration must work in concert to allow a new dimension to work for you. When things feel uncomfortable around you, it means that you have vibrationally changed and are accessing new libraries of information. So in addition to the new expansion you have achieved, you are meant to use and rely on past experience, changing it to adapt to new circumstances in your life. This is how you arrive solidly on the foundation of a new dimensional experience. Many are feeling the effects of the current dimensional integration. Do you feel stuck in a stagnant energy? This feeling of stagnation, when misunderstood, creates density in your structure between what you have created and when it appears.

What if the stagnation you feel is actually your manifestation process catching up to YOU?

In other words, you are INTEGRATING. And integration must be a part of your transition between dimensions.

In this course, we will specifically discuss the difficulties you experience in the transition between dimensions. You do not leave one dimension and arrive in another, as an elevator carries you to a new floor. You integrate them slowly. Many believe that when they arrive in a new dimension, their old timelines will drop away and all things change. But, you are a Creator, which means you have a responsibility to bring those timelines into a new energy. Dimension does not arrive because a planetary energy made it so. YOU are the one who shifts your field of perception to allow a new dimension to take hold in your frequency.

The goal of this course is to provide information and tools to take into the current timelines that are most dis-pleasing to you and shift them into the new frequency that already exists in your reality. It is also designed to get you through the current integration phase in the most productive way possible, making vibrational and physical progress towards the manifestation of new timelines.

You will:

Explore physical timelines you have created directly related to

  • Finance / Currency
  • Relationships / Family
  • Purpose / Mission
  • Identity / Ego
  • The Physical Body

You will learn how to release the resistance you have to creating anew the things you wish to manifest in this life.

The Dolphin Collective brings information that is both vibrational and harmonic in the way it interacts with your structure.

So expect to have awareness that is integrated in your life through your perception, activation of truth and ownership of physical material creations. It is important to first acknowledge what is, before moving into a healing vibration. The goal is to achieve neutrality, offering a new magnetic frequency to embellish your truest desires, allowing your record to work in concert with the planetary energies and your own vibration.

DNA Crystallization and Activation

There will be 5 channeled transmissions in this program, with the 6th being a full hour activation to integrate the material within your own unique structure and experience. We will:

  • utilize visualization techniques to create new structure;
  • move energies specifically related to existing timelines that must be integrated;
  • clear negative imprints that are keeping you stuck in old timelines, and;
  • crystalize the course material within your DNA.

The crystallization process is most important as the Dolphin Matrix will use a vibrational connection through a collective energy to help you over-ride existing patterns that do not serve you. How this is done is by activating your inner truth equal to the new dimension you have accepted and arrived in.

This will be a powerful and interactive session that may be repeated as many times as you wish when you feel you have shifted dimensions and are experiencing the stagnant energy of integrative timelines.

You receive:

1. Timeline Integration Channeled Course | 5 Channeled Video Classes with the Dolphin Collective

The teachings of the Dolphin Collective (or Matrix as they call themselves) are coming through at this time on the planet in response to a calling from the human consciousness. Through crystalline harmonics, the Dolphin Matrix is receiving detailed information as earth bound, multi-dimensional catalysts of light. In this course, they are responding to what the human collective has shown them is needed in this time, especially in regards to the physical earth transition being made on the planet RIGHT NOW.

You will receive 5 video classes from the Dolphin Collective channeled through Micheila Sheldan. Each class contains over 45 minutes of wisdom and guidance on how to transition the timelines in your life that are still stuck in a lower dimension. Remember, these are the areas in your life that are no longer working… the ones that are the most displeasing to you because vibrationally, they no longer match your new frequency.

In this channeled course you will walk away with a tool box of knowledge and processes allowing you to:

  • Understand your timeline energy and how to make subtle physical changes that will integrate a new dimensional experience;
  • Navigate timeline shifts in your life with greater comfort and ease;
  • Activate a new ‘way of life’ mentality, manifesting abundance in alignment with your soul’s collective assignment;
  • Create a new structure around your desires, developing a more cohesive vision to work in alignment with your planetary purpose;
  • Eliminate stagnation and density in your structure, speeding up your manifestation process;
  • Shift the current timelines that are most dis-pleasing to you into the new frequency that already exists in your reality; and
  • Find ease and comfort with your current integration phase to make continued vibrational and physical progress.

These courses can be replayed as many times as you would like and revisited at times in your life when you are ready to move dimensions and shift timeline realities.

2. Timeline Integration: DNA Activation and Crystallization with the Dolphin Collective

The most powerful creator energy lies within you and your DNA serves as the holding tank for information your soul requires to move forward and transition timelines into a higher frequency. What the Dolphin Collective knows very well is crystalline energy and harmonic frequencies of the human collective. Why? Because they have been a part of this earth consciousness through millenniums of time. They operate differently now as a connection to their Atlantean heritage to pull forward the most beneficial crystalline activations to harmonize your frequency. They are offering this to you in a one hour session designed to integration their teachings at the non-physical, source energy level.

The Dolphin Collective takes us through the topic of each lesson and builds an individual practice to focus your intention on healing and transitioning what is specifically blocking you in each area. Then, the material is reviewed in a more crystalline state, pulling forth the unique frequencies that you need to apply these teachings in your life in a practical way. The vibrational frequencies offered will specifically anchor the chakras into the earth consciousness to use multi-dimensional timelines for healing that are now available. In addition, you will access source consciousness to over-ride any lower, dense imprints that are holding you back from manifestation.

Visual techniques and practices are applied as a codex for amplifying your manifestation process into a new dimension.

3. Moving Past Blocks | Final Messages and Activation from the Dolphin Collective

In this final 2-hour transmission, The Dolphin Collective provides a closing message and activation. They address many areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. There are many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to program material.

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