Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 6

Arcing Through a Linear Timeline

Teachings of the 8th Dimensional Arcturian Collective through Micheila Sheldan

There are cycles of time that exist in your human record for the clearing of karma; and there are cycles that exist for the creation of new energetic timelines. As singular beings, you are now beginning the path of creation. But collectively, the human consciousness will still experience turbulence as the clearing phase is undergone.

This turbulence is merely a sign of your new collective vibration, shaking up the planet to receive something better. There is a new operating structure and the planetary alignments have called for a karmic release of all timelines that are being currently being revisited. This has been difficult to maneuver in your singular experience, as well as in your perception of the collective reality.

The 8th Dimensional Arcturians know this process very well and have seen the planet undergo tremendous change. You have been a part of these changes, both in human form and in non-physical manifestations of your soul. This is why the process may feel familiar or even fearful.

When you came onto the earth at this time, you knew your connection to Source was the anchor to see you through transition and change.

Many have lost sight of that connection and the Arcturians come to bring it forward and remind us how the human structure works, how it operates in connection with others and how the soul’s journey is intertwined with all things. Remembering this can allow you to arch through a linear timeline, becoming the seer of your experience and using it wisely to manifest your highest intentions, while also healing the collective.

This course is a teaching of this interconnectedness, not just for the planet’s rebirth, but for your own. The Arcturians come to lift the veil on what is happening on the earth and how you can best operate during these transitional times.

These teachings will activate your lightbody and magnetic field and there will be a physical response to what is offered. As the lunar energies come to bring up historic karma, the solar frequencies come to activate your inner truth and allow you to manifest a new collective reality. You will learn how to manage these energies in your life and integrate new meaning as you move through the earth transitions.

Is our collective reality truly a hologram? If so, how does it work? And how does your structure align with universal energies to result in a higher dimensional experience?

We will be covering this and more as the Arcturians activate you to heal beyond what your physical energy is focused on in this moment.

You will: 

  • Better understand your structure and how it operates as a part of universal reality
  • Receive guidance from your own soul about timelines that need to be cleared and manifested differently
  • Align the energy bodies and activate your lightbody to balance the dimensional experience you are having
  • Learn how to function within a holographic universe that is vibrating in response to a One structure
  • Understand how singular timelines are a manifestation of your whole consciousness
  • Practice techniques for accessing and expanding your structural relationship to universal experience
  • Incorporate collective understanding into your day to day reality to benefit your manifestation techniques
  • Prepare the structure for quantum decision making in order to remove density

You receive:

1. Channeled Video Course Introduction and “Connection to All Things” Chakra Activation with the Arcturian Collective

Is our collective reality real?

In this channeled video, Micheila connects with the 8th Dimensional Arcturians who help us break down what it means to operate in a collective reality. The Arcturians take us through many examples of how a collective reality is manifested and how it affects our singular experience. They also give a basic understanding of the key terminology used in this course, including:

  • Collective & Holographic Reality
  • Responsibility, Judgement and the Ego
  • The History of our Human Structure
  • Energetic Creation
  • Quantum Entanglement
  • Karma vs Density
  • Free Will

This inner circle class is also focused on attuning chakras outside of the physical body to activate galactic energies that are available through the new Hertz frequency of Mother Gaia. The first activation offered by the Arcturians in this transmission is focused on opening an Andromedan Portal connected to the 2nd chakra above the crown. There is a distinct focus on quantum entangled relationships that must be realigned in your energy field to assist you in moving past stress, emotional trauma and fear relating to these soul ties. This process will open your energy field, expand your consciousness and prepare you for the live journey with the Arcturians. You can repeat the process as many times as you wish and receive unique results.

2. Arcing Through a Linear Timeline | Four 1-Hour Channeled Interactions with the Arcturian Collective

Connect with the Arcturians in a collective energy that offers guidance as well as a vibrational attunements to integrate the course material and initiate healing.  The focus of these course interactions is for you to move forward in life, comfortably making energetic decisions that match your soul’s highest intentions.

There are timelines already running in your frequency that are being called to match your energy for manifestation. The way in which we match these new timelines is to first serve the ones that are no longer resonating with our frequency. Integrating the understanding of how collective energies work will help you to harmonize with the appropriate action to match the outcomes you wish to experience.

It is most important that when taking physical action, your energy is first aligned with an empathy for all beings entangled in that action. We will help to bring you to realizations about your current timelines in a way you have not previously considered.

In addition, a new galactic energy is now available to assist you in forging the connections you need to support your creation process. Through chakra activations and portal openings in the body, you will be able to quickly adjust and interpret these new energies for manifestation and abundance.

These channeled course transmissions are focused on:

  • Historic timelines that are re-emerging now and how to perceive and re-create them
  • The human body as a vehicle for structural interactions with consciousness, or Source energy
  • Patterning the physical and non-physical energy body for the highest vibrational alignment
  • The importance of energetic communication in your relationships
  • How to integrate a collective energy into your singular experience with grace and ease
  • The mind, body, spirit connection with the earth. Chakras, portals and activating the structure for higher dimensional experiences.

3. Moving Past Blocks | Final Message from the Arcturian Collective

In this final 2-hour transmission, The Arcturian Collective gives a closing message related to the course material. They address many areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. You will learn how to transcend and heal remaining ties to programming, lower vibrational imprints, timelines and the material dimension. There are many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to program material.

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