Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 7

Dropping the Anchors | Activating Your Inner Creator

The Pleaidans, Mary Magdalene, and many others channeled through Micheila Sheldan

We have experienced a major shift in our earth grid lines, opening up portals to allow us to integrate multi-dimensional timeline information. At the same time, we are purging karma and density at an incredibly fast pace. Our human ascension is evident in the recent spikes of the Schumann Resonance, showing us the movement forward we have been anticipating for a long time.

We were in a very stagnant place as we integrated timeline energy to decide what was coming with us, and what was meant to leave behind. At the same time, we were recovering lost soul pieces that were necessary for us to operate in a new dimension. Now, as much has cleared away and deep realizations have come to the surface, we must prepare to move forward into the unknown. This is an interesting time in our human history as we have to let go of more than just the timelines we created, but the imprints that caused them in the first place.

Beneath all of the layers of energy that make up your physical experience lie deep intersections with concepts of limitation and of linear living.

These concepts of singular creation and perception, although they are ready to shift, cause so much resistance. It takes a strong faith and trust in the unknown to hold the frequency necessary to create a fulfilled life! Your consciousness has shifted to assist you. But are you ready also modify the constructs of your reality that are no longer serving your evolution?

Anchors are those aspects of your reality that have held you in a singular experience.

These anchors are some of the most prominent manifestations through time that have held you in a singular body and physical experience. We wish to explore these anchors one by one, releasing them first from your energy body and then from your creative process. As each anchor is let go, it allows you to form a new anchor, one that is more to your liking and allows you to live beyond linear time – a concept you now may understand, but have had a difficult time creating within.

We will explore the following human anchors:

  • The Clock and the Calendar-  Constructs of Time
  • Separation between Earth and Human Energy – Constructs of Duality
  • Singular Memory and Collective History – Constructs of Identity
  • Physical and Material Structure – Constructs of Physicality

Anchors of time have the most significant effect on your ability to accept information that is available outside of your human structure. These imprints also carry themselves beyond your perceived limitation and into your DNA.

Have you considered that your DNA carries the limitation of human anchors?

We will explore all of these topics as we vibrationally clear your DNA preparing it to create new anchors in the way that most compliments your structure.

This is a vibrational course that is focused on processes, activations and interactions with Light Beings here to support the healing of your DNA.

As you walk through this course material you will be activating new information to work within your creative process, as you call light to the anchors that are changing.

You will:

  • Open your mind to how anchors such as time, identity and memory are changing and may be holding back your creative process
  • Crystalize and activate the DNA to clear past anchors and connect  you to new vibrational information
  • Create new anchors that compliment your energy, intentions and purpose
  • Learn how to flow with energetic guidance as opposed to operating from an anchor such as a calendar, clock or signature identity
  • Let go of deep imprints that affect you on a daily basis but are just outside of the reach of your conscious awareness
  • Discover how to efficiently manifest and create new timeline energy beyond physical material and anchor energy
  • Participate in Guided processes taking you on a personal journey to drop the most prominent anchor energies that no longer serve you
  • Rearrange imprinted information to work within the anchor energies that still exist on the planet and allow them to align with your highest intention

You receive:

1. Channeled Video Course Introduction & Activation | Activating Your Sovereign Frequency

Join Micheila and the Pleiadians in this channeled introductory video that will prepare your consciousness and vibration for the course material. In this transmission, the Pleiadians take us back to the origins of human creation to discuss how physical anchors evolved. We learn about the God Particle, the original intent for creating the anchors and how earth perspectives changed them through time. In addition to the history and wisdom provided by the Pleiadians in this channeling, you will also be taken through a meditative process that will

  • Awaken your inner creator
  • Tune your energy to work within physical anchors differently
  • Align and open your chakras
  • Fully connect with Source energy
  • Activate your Sovereign Frequency
  • Harmonize your structure to  accept new universal information

This process may be repeated over and over to assist in unique areas of your life where you feel stuck by physical anchors and timeline energies that are stagnant, stifling or resistant to change. As you work with this vibrational material, you are illuminating crystalline information within the DNA to interact with your unique structure, allowing you interact with the field of potential that exists around you in a new way.

2. Four Channeled Activations focused on Clearing Anchor Imprints, Harmonizing your Frequency and Crystallizing DNA

Physical anchors can often become the barrier to achieving your desires. How many times have you said you would do something if there was enough time? Or, have you used your age as a barrier to creating or healing something in your life? Your linear history pulls your energy in many directions that does not allow you to fully embody your potential. When we are faced with so many stagnant obstacles, life can feel overwhelming and a challenge to become personally fulfilled.

In this course we will explore how to begin perceiving your consciousness as the creator of your own personal anchors.

Letting go of these anchors that were created in a different dimensional consciousness can allow you to offer a new vibration to the universe, no longer needing to plan ahead or feel behind or looking at what you haven’t accomplished versus what you have. This is a symptom of moving between dimensions – critiquing your past and projecting into future constructs of your reality. The first step in the process is letting go of imprints and limiting beliefs around the anchors that exist.

This course includes four Brand New Channeled Activations.

Each of these four processes, focused on time, duality, identity and physicality, will help you set the vibrational tone to release restrictive energies that hold you back from your full potential and creating in a new dimension. As you go through the process, you will notice:

  • A new perception and sense of freedom around linear time
  • Increased confidence and extra sensory perception
  • Strengthened trust and reliance on your inner guidance
  • An abundance of support for creating your life beyond perceived road blocks

3. Activating Your Inner Creator | Channeled Video Class

The Creator that you are has never been disturbed. Your Creator Energy is always working for you based on your desires, conscious awareness and perception. Anchors have been such a concrete aspect of your linear timeline that your subconscious has integrated them into your experience, holding back your creative process. Once the imprint of anchors is removed, your consciousness will begin to respond differently.

Information in the field that is ready to tap into can easily be intersected with and used to easily create in alignment with your record.

In this transmission, you will better understand your Creative Source Energy from a universal, organic perspective. Manifestation has been taught as a tool that exists outside of you. But manifestation is not a tool at all. Manifestation is the result of your expansion and how you recognize your soul’s evolution through time. There are subtle adjustments that can be made within your consciousness to bridge the gap between what you have been taught you DO and what you truly must BE to experience life at its fullest.

Join Micheila live along with a variety of Master Teachers and Collectives to activate your Inner Creator. If you are currently feeling stuck or in a void with your collective purpose and manifesting the resources to bring it to life, this vibrational exchange is designed to help you relax into your truth, flow with what has already been created and allow it to unfold around you.

4. Moving Past Blocks | 2-Hour Channeled Interaction |Final Message from the Pleiadian Collective and Mary Magdalene  

In this final 2-hour transmission, The Pleiadian Collective gives a closing message related to the course material. They address many areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. You will learn how to transcend and heal remaining ties to programming, lower vibrational imprints, timelines and the material dimension. There are many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to program material.

5. Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle Community

The Lightworker Inner Circle Community is a gathering space for those who are currently immersed in or have previously taken Micheila Sheldan's Lightworker Inner Circle channeled courses. This private group is designed to support each member by sharing wisdom, experiences and questions on the path to higher consciousness. Micheila's channeled messages are also shared in response to questions and postings. The intention of this group is to raise the vibration of all who are a part of its collective energy. It is an excellent space to interact directly with Micheila and others as you integrate this course material.

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