Intuitive Channel

Lightworker Inner Circle 8

Changing of the Tide | Architects of a New Humanity

Mary Magdalene, Ra and the Pleiadians

A channeled course through Micheila Sheldan

A new genetic code within Gaia has been activated. This code is a part of her genetic structure, as it is a part of your own. Within you lies the hero or heroine of this great time of transition.

The light within you is now activated to allow Source Consciousness to beam forth into the collective.

This light is the rebirth of your soul, humanity and your mother earth planet. Within each one of you, the Christ timeline appears. It may seem as if your walk of life is insignificant in comparison to this great Master Teacher. Yet the Master Teacher is also within you. If this is true, how is it that you are not here now, in this wondrous time of rebirth, to allow the Christed energy within you to shine forward?

Human beings embodied in Christed energy hold a new frequency for creation.

This frequency is not singular, but collective in its vibration. This new genetic code allows the union of all beings in their Christed energy to create a new Heaven on Earth through Source Consciousness. As many on your planet begin to realize this incredible opportunity to rebirth humanity, some will still become stifled by their beliefs and limited self-awareness, as well as the connection to mass consciousness and resistance to the creative process.

Mary Magdalene and Ra come to activate us and bring new information forward about creation, the Christed DNA and a collective code that is now activated within Sophia. The purpose of this channeled course is to rebirth all who come to be a part of its collective energy.

It is an amazing time to be alive in human form. The rebirthing process, which is now energetically available, facilitates the creation of a new experience in alignment with many ancient timelines vibrating in love, peace and healing for your planet. The door to opening this timeline energy is within all of you.

The new code activated within earth is available to choose; it is not an automatic adjustment of your frequency. Those who choose to accept this new code of living in love, peace and harmony will be instrumental in creating a new collective timeline.

Feel the excitement of accepting these codes now and becoming architects of a new humanity, all through your own singular experience! This is what Mary Magdalene and Ra come to share along with many Beings of Light who will participate in this collective consciousness.

The Christ taught us how to transcend suffering within the human body. This is an important message for humanity that is often misunderstood and taken out of context in your religious teachings. Through this transmission, you will understand

  • the foundation of suffering, including the process by which you enter karmic timelines;
  • how karmic timelines manifest and affect you and all things;
  • and, how karma becomes either the impetus for new creation or the basis for reliving aspects of your timelines that you do not desire to experience.

Through Universal Portals of Consciousness, the Christ Timeline is fully understood and integrated.

There has always been a universal connection to the Christed consciousness. For the most part, the Christ timeline on your planet has been looked at in two lights – a singular journey of a physical man or a planetary lesson for humanity. Often, the connection between universal beings of light and collective and planetary energies are not considered in these events. This is an important understanding, not only for the sake of history, but especially vibrationally for your singular structure. It is important to know that higher beings of light supported this collective timeline, how they did and how they still are a very integral part of your Christed DNA and experience. This will be a significant energetic aspect of this channeled material.

You receive:  

  • Direct messages and contact from Mary Magdalene, Ra, the Pleiadians and your galactic family
  • New teachings of the Christ timeline from a universal standpoint to activate historic timelines within your DNA
  • Techniques to clear, connect and harmonize with universal grids that amplify collective creation
  • Codexes and vibrational processes for activating and working within the Christed DNA
  • An invocation of the new planetary creative code that exists within your structure
  • Ancient symbols and light codes to facilitate energetic connections between earth experience and interdimensional history
  • Guidance to move beyond limiting beliefs, self-awareness and views of mass consciousness that are blocking creative energy
  • Support in creating a new energetic experience from multiple timelines that are a vibrational match to your record
  • Detailed information about the process of holographic creation, sourcing and resourcing in a universal energy
  • Awareness of how and why you enter karmic timelines, how they manifest, and how to use them as the basis for expansion
  • Activation of the Divine Feminine Energy within your day to day experience to benefit your creative process

There are a variety of energetic benefits or opportunities that accompany the transmissions in this course. As each individual comes with a unique structure and intention, these benefits will also be experienced uniquely as you work with the material: 

  • Opening the structure to a new form of telepathic energy for healing
  • Elimination of fear vibrations and dense energies
  • Connecting the soul energy to the higher self and oversoul
  • Integration of chakra energy fields within the body
  • Activating remote viewing to see into past timelines
  • Connection to the grids to bring new information to your experience
  • Expansion of the Heart Chakra
  • Balancing the Female/Male energies
  • Identifying, redesigning or expanding your personal role in humanities evolution

1: Channeled Video Course Introduction & Codex | The Manifestation of Christ

In this channeled course introduction, you will receive teachings from Mary Magdalene, Ra, Sophia and Sion, a 9th Dimensional Pleiadian about the manifestation of Jesus and the reason for the creation of the Christ timeline on our planet. The purpose of this channeling is to prepare your vibrational structure for the course material by activating collective history embedded deep within your DNA. You will be taken through a meditation and activation process and given a codex for invoking Mary Magdalene and Ra energies into your experience as you participate with the course material.

A visual codex is provided to strengthen the vibrational connection to these loving beings who are ready to support your journey to collective creation.

In this channeling, you will:

  • Discover the significant role that Gaia Sophia played in the Christ timeline and manifestation of Jesus.
  • Understand the collective agreements made by Sophia to bring the soul of Jesus to earth.
  • Learn about Mary Magdalene’s role in the Christ timeline and about her significant connection to the ancient Sun God, Ra.
  • Clear up any misunderstandings about the role of karma and how it may block the soul from healing, creation and Source.
  • Realize how the Christ timeline still exists here and now for us to tap into and activate.
  • Prepare your energy and begin the healing process of this dynamic channeled course designed to integrate and activate your Christed DNA

2: Mary Magdalene Meditation | Return to God

In this short channeled audio, Mary Magdalene offers a meditation designed to realign your perception and energy fields to Source, God, Creator. Find a comfortable space to relax, breathe and allow Mary to take you through a loving process that supports you to let go of anything holding you back from Source.

You will experience an energetic clearing and rebirth in this meditation designed to open pathways to Source energy and navigate them to collective energy.

The human race is now vibrating in a higher dimensional frequency to Source and collective energies. In this guided meditation, Mary activates the remembrance of our collective connection deep within the cellular tissues, directing light filaments back to their original state of eternal love and Source consciousness. This meditation can be repeated and used daily to support your healing, vibrational alignment and creative process.

3: Changing of the Tide | Four Channeled Messages and Activations with Mary Magdalene, Ra, the Pleiadians and Galactic Families

These four channeled transmissions are designed to activate you to integrate the Christed DNA. As each Divine Being of Light steps forward, they provide detailed information about activating the Christ Consciousness in your day to day life. These transmissions are embedded with a codex to strengthen your connection this collective and this material.

Many in this course have experienced profound emotional releases of dense imprints stuck from past lives or this linear timeline; active dream state, intergalactic travel and spiritual communication; and breakthroughs and clarity around significant personal issues.  As each transmission is given, a codex is built and presented to help you integrate the information uniquely to your structure.

In addition to the video courses, you will receive Four Vibrational Codes that can be used in meditation or simply interacted with daily to recalibrate your energy to the Christ Consciousness.

These codes will continue to work within your unique structure clearing and activating you to hold this energy. The final code may also be utilized to charge water with the Christ Consciousness Vibration.

4: Moving Past Blocks | 2-Hour Channeled Interaction with the Pleiadians, Ra and Mary Magdalene

In this final 2-hour transmission, guidance is given to address the areas that might be blocking you from integrating the course material or applying it in your daily life. You will learn about the Diamond Light Codes and how they relate to the Christed DNA. There are many audience questions answered in this channeled transmission that directly relate to program material.

Item 5: Private Facebook Group | Interact with Micheila and the Lightworker Inner Circle Community

The Lightworker Inner Circle Community is a gathering space for those who are currently immersed in or have previously taken Micheila Sheldan's Lightworker Inner Circle channeled courses. This private group is designed to support each member by sharing wisdom, experiences and questions on the path to higher consciousness. Micheila's channeled messages are also shared in response to questions and postings. The intention of this group is to raise the vibration of all who are a part of its collective energy. It is an excellent space to interact directly with Micheila and others as you integrate this course material.

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