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Channeled Revelations

Join Micheila Sheldan and Ethann Fox for ‘Channeled Revelations’, a show dedicated to uncovering the ancient mysteries, spiritual practices and inspiration to thrive in a new age of consciousness. With Ethann Fox at the helm, Micheila channels a variety of interdimensional beings, collectives, ascended masters and teachers to answer the burning questions that are on the top of everyone’s minds. You will learn about topics like universal law, creation, physical health, financial abundance and the future of the Earth as it moves into the fifth dimension. New episodes are posted each month to our YouTube channel.

Know Thyself As God | Micheila Sheldan & Ethann Fox | Channeled Revelations 2 | 4.1.23

Free Will & Human Creation | Micheila Sheldan & Ethann Fox | Channeled Revelations 1 | 3.18.23