Intuitive Channel

Kristina G. - Michigan, United States

I am blown away at the accuracy of detail, and imparted wisdom I received from the higher realm.  Thank you for the guidance and validation I was looking for.

Stella S. - Michigan, United States

I am someone who has had a great interest in metaphysics for many years, and have always looked for new ways to get in touch with the spirit world and learn from it. Therefore, over the years I have had many different encounters with the specialists of this realm including psychics, spiritual counselors, theta healers, mediums, past life regressionists and channels. I have seen people with both mediocre and good abilities and gifts and some that did not have any talent.

Melissa M. - Michigan, United States

Thanks, Micheila!  I truly enjoy talking with you and appreciate the information I receive in my sessions with my Guides.  Thank you for facilitating and for your gift of channeling. I've had so many questions answered and can definitely say my perspective around the events that occur in my life is changing....in a good way!


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